GOBSMACKED! The Ensslin, Schaiblin/Reutlingen Lenormand

The deck is a little wonky, but profoundly stunning. It’s easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing Lenormands I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen scads!) Is it one of those pretty but unreadable things? Not at all. Let me explain:

The numbering is not standard. That’s not an issue for most of us.

There is no Cross card, but there is a Cat card. Since Cat meanings in cartomancy are identical to Fox meanings, having a Cat in the deck is like having two Fox cards. So, for myself, I use Cross meanings. Why? It balances the deck, and “full stop, burdens, suffering, illness” fits the ferals we see every day.
(YES, my town needs TNR.) That’s my take. Do as you see fit.

Perfectly round insets, crazy sigils, lovely linework and tints. Feast your eyes a bit.

The Esslin is available HERE

And while we’re on the subject, Lauren is talking about doing a Wirth. A good, working, no glitter one! Put me down for several copies – imagine a side of these Wirth majors with your Lenormand! ❤

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  1. Ok, I’m going to ‘fess up and say I don’t care for the Ensslin. I don’t like sigils and I find the large circular insets distracting. So much so that I’ve just realised I didn’t actually take in the images (brb)… Yeah, pretty. But that WIRTH, on the other hand! You tell Lauren she’d better stop talking and start doing!

    • LOL, will do.
      I saw the scans and my first reaction was “So when can we order?”
      Not going to try to talk you into the Esslin – you like it or you don’t. The sigils are essentially meaningless, but I’m thinking of using them as a kind of Rorscach to make face to face readings more interactive – kind of a “What do YOU see?” thing.

  2. I also am loving the deck – the visuals are amazing. The Cat works for the Cross, the Heart being instead the Two Hands, is the only place where I am finding any type of stumbling block and that is minor. A great deck for sure and well worth the time and $$ to obtain.

    • Definitely Heart for the Hands.
      If you look at Hand In Hand in the Gypsy Witch deck, it relates to love and friendship, while Amor (Heart/Cupid) relates more to attraction and infatuation. So the image itself has a meaning very similar to the Lenormand Heart, it’s talking about the real stuff. I don’t see any discrepancy here.

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