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Le Petit Oracle des Dames


This is a deck from 1799 or so. It’s like a mash-up of French Sibyl characters, Grand Jeu myth and Etteilla Tarot, with a good many of the cards double ended like Tarock. In spite of this, it’s a surprisingly easy, eloquent deck to read, and it reads true. I got this combo in a recent spread:

It’s talking about a boring town, being bored and disgusted with a town. I’m living in a little hole in the road in central Texas, and I’ve never seen another deck describe the situation so plainly. 😀

Here’s the keywords, translated:

1. Voyage/Earth
2. Clarity/Victory
3. Thoughts*/Water
4. Brilliant Stars/Air
5. Creation of the man and woman/production
6. Heaven on earth/bad man and woman
7. Major Force/business
8. The Force/boredom, disgust
9. Caution/the people
10. Night/The Temperance
11. Divine law (Themis), Justice/the rich bribe
12. The Fortune/Fortune (increase)
13. Mortality/Sorrows, grief
14. Fidelity/the wise
15. Bellona (war goddess)/Discord
16. Man between vice and virtue/betrayal
17. Marriage/union
18. Jupiter/Protector
19. The law and faith/safety and harmony of people
20. Juno/Protectoress
21. The Fool/the street performer
22. Consultant/Consultant
23. Love/the desire
24. Marriage (Hymen)/Departure, disunity, abandonment
25. Unmarried, indecision/childbirth, fertility
26. Hope/Abundance
27. Litigation, squabble/Good faith, friendship, success
28. Fame/obstacle
29. Prison/shipwreck, big misfortune
30. despoilment, thieves/patrol, safety, unexpected pursuit
31. House, table, feasting/jealousy, flatterer (favor seeking)
32. City/Good sea voyage
33. Little Master, embarrassment (awkward position)/Letter, love letter
34. Solitude, rest/economy, money purse
35. Battery, violence, dispute/Hypocrite
36. The old man, father of a family/society, evil chatter (cackle)
37. Traitor woman/the charity and the allowance
38. Brunette man, wholeheartedly/Blond man, beneficient
39. Good brunette woman/Good blonde woman
40. Blonde boy/Brunette boy
41. Blonde girl and chestnut blonde/Brunette girl and chestnut brunette
42, Country man/Stranger, news

*thoughts – offers and decision in emotional things

Additionally, here’s a translation of the LWB from Eric Bowers:

The deck is available here http://www.esoterikshopping.de/products/Kartenlegen-Tarot-Lenormand-Wahrsagekarten-Engelkarten/Sibillakarten/Le-Petit-Oracle-des-Dames-BP-Grimaud.html