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Killing the Glad Girl

There is a scene early in the film Red Dust where Clark Gable goes to toss a drunk worker at his rubber plantation into bed, and discovers that Jean Harlow has taken up residence there. She kicks the drunk to the floor, and the exchange goes like this:

Harlow: You’re not going to leave the corpse here?
Gable: It’s his room. Didn’t you know?
Harlow: Honest I didn’t. I just took the first room the houseboy showed me. Oh, please you guys. This place is full of lizards and cockroaches as it is.
Gable: One more won’t hurt. Come on, lets have it. Who are you? Where’d you come from?
Harlow: Don’t rush me, brother. I’m Pollyanna, the Glad Girl.

She means it sarcastically – she’s a stranded hooker (yet the most ethical and compassionate character in the movie. It’s a great film.) And I was intrigued by what it was referring to – a Depression-era advertising shill? Some cartoon lady who was glad because her floors were shiny, or her dishes were super clean? So I googled.

It turned out that “Pollyanna the Glad Girl” is regular old Pollyanna, the eternal optimist. She’s pathologically optimistic.

From wikipedia:
“The title character is Pollyanna Whittier, an eleven-year-old orphan who goes to live in the fictional town of Beldingsville, Vermont, with her wealthy but stern and cold spinster Aunt Polly, who does not want to take in Pollyanna but feels it is her duty to her late sister. Pollyanna’s philosophy of life centers on what she calls “The Glad Game,” an optimistic and positive attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation, no matter how bleak it may be. It originated in an incident one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel, found only a pair of crutches inside. Making the game up on the spot, Pollyanna’s father taught her to look at the good side of things—in this case, to be glad about the crutches because she did not need to use them.”

It’s all well and good to find some little silver lining in a bad situation. But to paint the whole thing with a broad brush and say it’s a positive – NO. If your partner punched your teeth out, I hope you wouldn’t say that they were a bit crooked or stained anyway, and now you can get some lovely caps. I hope you wouldn’t stay with him and hope to win him over and mend his ways with your “positive attitude”, the way Pollyanna did her creepy old aunt in the book. Would a qualified therapist tell you to do that? No, they’d try to get it into your head that you need to GTFO.

That book is from an era when kids weren’t supposed to feel sad, or angry, or disappointed, they were supposed to SHUT UP. Fred Rogers grew up in that era, and he dedicated his life to countering the idea and telling kids that it’s OK to FEEL things. I highly recommend the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” You can rent it on amazon prime for a pittance – about $2.99. Here’s Mr. Rogers winning over a hardassed senator who was all set to refuse him funding. I think Senator Pastore was raised with similar rules, and he could relate:

A majority of people here in the US are uninsured, or underinsured, and can’t afford quality, certified counseling or therapy. So people seek out reassurance from readers, aspiring readers, bad readers, all kinds of readers, in card reading communities. Often free, from new readers trying to gain experience, from incompetent readers, from readers following the lead of others. The good, seasoned readers are outnumbered by the bad ones, and people will cherry pick what they want to hear, anyway. And this phony reading is becoming normalized. It’s not difficult to find articles like this one https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tarot-cards-facebook/

Reassurance is not therapy. Therapy is, by all accounts, HARD. People who tell you everything will be OK and you’re doing the right thing (even if you aren’t) are not therapists. We’re venturing into pathological things like co-dependence and denial here.

I’m here to tell you that you’re better off with NO treatment that with BAD treatment.

Card reading – real card reading – is predictive fortunetelling. We don’t pretend to fix people or “make everything all better.” When asked what the cards say, we interpret them – AS IS. Death or the Coffin are endings, not “transformation”.

We’re living in time-space, and that means loss sometimes. Think back to your past. Even if you made it to this point without being truly, horribly abused in any way, you’ve experienced pain. People die, pets die, bad things happen sometimes. That’s just the way life is, it HURTS, and we need to acknowledge that, not stick our heads in the sand and go “LA LA LA LA LA – NOT LISTENING!”

I can’t reassure anybody that everything will be OK without lying. “Everything” is NEVER OK. But this lowlife fortuneteller (with about as much respectability as Harlow’s hooker Vantine in Red Dust), can do everything in her power to Keep It Real. It’s helpful – I rely on reading for myself, and my clients say that they’re helped by readings – but it’s NOT therapy.

The only thing it has in common with actual therapy is that it acknowledges when something is wrong.

If you really feel called to become a counselor, here are the requirements to be licensed in your state. “Owning a Tarot deck and practicing on the internet” is not one of them. https://careersinpsychology.org/how-to-become-a-licensed-counselor/

Small draw with the Grand Jeu

It’s been awhile since I posted any Grand Jeu, so here’s a short reading I did. Sharing with permission from the friend/client who is also a reader (identifying information removed, of course), so I’ve used some abbreviations: SI is “small illustration”, LI is “large illustration, and of course there are abbreviations for the playing card insets: 10H, 2S and KH.

Grand Jeu readings are available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/169985182/one-issuequestion-with-details-grand-jeu?


Forecast for January, 10H, 2S and KH. Looks good, Hearts are in the majority and referring to home and emotional matters, but with a rough patch about midmonth from the Spade. It’s a low-ranking Spade, though, and not all that powerful. You have a mix of Marriage, the Trojan War, and the Unexpected cards here, so no overarching theme. Fortuna Minor, however, does appear twice and this is important. Small good fortune, things happen quickly. You’ll have to work hard, but it promises a good outcome. Possible abuse of power, but if you’re queasy about bad luck, don’t be, you’re protected. Help from other people amid all the changes.

Your first card is an alchemy card, talking about relationships, your guy. He’s looking at the retort and seems very satisfied, he’s happy with you. You can see the gold forming in the retort. The SI Right shows a lady embroidering, he admires your industry and your artistry. 10H with the 2S, he respects your wisdom, too, and comes to you with his problems. I don’t like the way the embroidering lady is sitting by the SI Left on the 2S, though. That’s about spite and revenge, the Saturn talisman is no joke. So it could happen that somebody tries to cause problems in the relationship out of malice. With the LI, the Greek princes consulting Calchas, seek advice if this happens. (Calchas was a seer, by the way, so seeking advice from the cards would be appropriate.) This is the spite referred to by Fortuna Minor. You can overcome it, but it will take some effort on your part.

The 2S, again, is central and underlines the importance of sound advice during this period. (It looks like an exceptionally accurate phase for readings, too – don’t hesitate to go with bold predictions.) The shield, swords and spear on the SI Right says again that someone is hostile towards you. With the Laws of Solon on the SI Left of the KH, the situation will be resolved fairly (if you’re not familiar with the Laws of Solon, read up on them here http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1580359/Solons-laws ). With the LI, the old scholar, wisdom and prudence will carry you through in business as well as personal matters. And KH in the results month.

I don’t see anything in this spread relating to children and so don’t foresee any pressing issues with your son, things should be OK there.

Your constellations are La Coupe, Castor, and Le Triangle, respectively. La Coupe is a cup, or crater (some people associate it with the Grail), with a hydra guarding it from a dishonest crow. So it’s a very nice constellation, but with a warning to keep things on the up and up:


Castor and Pollux are Gemini – that might be relevant. Castor is the mortal twin famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. (The immortal Twin is Pollux.) Now if you consider horse training, it’s about getting an animal that weighs a couple of thousand pounds to do your bidding. I think this says that “size” (or power) can be bettered by smarts. Good to keep in mind when dealing with bosses or bureaucracies.

Your last constellation, the Southern Triangle can be interpreted as the Trinity or the Three Patriarchs, with the scholar on the large image and next to Calchas on the neighboring card, it shows you’ve got some intelligent and somewhat powerful men looking on you favorably. Good for dealing with authority. The alpha star of the constellation is called Atria, suggesting an atrium, a hall or entrance, or large open space in a building, usually with a glass roof. This could be referring to a literal atrium, or it may just be suggestive of being able to come and go, and a big place full of sunlight that’s still protected from the elements, in other words, the best of both worlds. I think this spread ends well.

The flowers, according to Didier, are violet, seringat, rose of May, sempervivum, ribes, melostoma, lily of the valley, marshmallow, cherry leaves and fruits. I’ve read that Mlle. Lenormand used to prescribe the flowers in much the way a rootworker prescribes workings with various herbs, as something to rid oneself of bad conditions and draw good ones. So it would be beneficial to keep some of these around, wear them as essential oils, etc. during this period. Of course I don’t know that Didier has identified them all correctly, but some of them do seem to match, particularly the cherries.

Attn: Bloggers


In recent months, several blogs I follow have had content stolen. In addition, someone tried to publish an entire e-book using content from someone else’s book. And it was happening long before that, but the recent surge of interest in Lenormand has exacerbated it.

If you see plagiarism, report it. I don’t mean to sound like McGruff the Crime Dog here, but a person’s work is their own. Even though they give the information freely on a blog, they also deserve the credit, the rep and any reading fees generated by blog traffic.

So alert the author or blog owner, if at all possible, and share this link with them (for wordpress – alter as needed)…there’s links to downloadable form letters, everything needed. You might send a Cease and Desist letter yourself, as well, changing the wording of the form letter as appropriate. You’ll find additional info here.

You won’t be wasting your time and effort, response time is generally prompt and the plagiarized content will be removed.

If you’re in a group or forum, let everyone know the original source of the information as well. The person who stole it isn’t a reliable source, they’re often morons and they’re fronting off like someone else’s knowledge is their own, or that they’re privy to something and getting it from their “notes”, when the original blog still exists, if only on the Internet Archive.

And if you see something awesome and want to quote it, give attribution. Don’t copypaste the whole thing, consider Fair Use. Or just LINK to it. Thanks. 🙂

Grand Jeu ~ King of Diamonds

It has been a busy time and regrettably, I haven’t been here much – apologies! But the work with the Jeu goes on – there’s no end to all this Grand Jeu! The depth and complexity, and the fact that it’s been so neglected in so many ways, make for a LOT of work, but it’s coming along, bit by bit.


The LWB says “Cadmus offeres a vase to Mercury”, but:

“Mercury” is obviously female
“Mercury” has no winged feet
“Mercury” has no caduceus, she has a shield and a spear – a warrior queen type

And – we have to find someone like this, a patroness to Cadmus. The following is from
Since Cadmus had lost all his men to the dragon, he needed more. Athena advised Cadmus to sow half the teeth of the dragon if he wanted companions. He planted half the teeth and gave the rest to the goddess. From the spot where Cadmus had planted each tooth a fully armed man sprang up, immediately. The new warriors posed a clear danger to Cadmus, so, on the further advice of Athena, he threw stones among the warriors. Each man who was hit thought one of the other sown men (sparti) had hit him, so they started killing one another. Only five of the sparti survived, albeit wounded: Echion, Udaeus, Chthonius, Hyperenor and Pelorus.
The remaining teeth, which Cadmus had given to Athena, she saved for Jason.

So – presumably those are the dragon’s teeth in the vase? (Thanks yet again to Peter – for that, for pointing out that she is more often than not syncretised with Minerva, and for doing the serious digging here.)

Athena depicted on a coin of Attalus I, ruler of Pergamon —c. 200 BC.

Similar, no? 😉

GJ Sample Reading – Quick Line of 5

This is part of a reading for my friend G, used here with permission. She is hoping to move and wanted to know if it would happen soon.


We have two Marriage cards here, so a lot of the when and where in this situation is dependent on a partner. Plus you have the male significator there. Other than that there’s a Trojan War card and an Unexpected, so there’s problems at the present time. I’m not saying you won’t move ever, that would be nuts. It’s just too hard to do it yourself right now.

Anyway, the cards are 8 of Clubs, 5 of Clubs, 7 of Hearts, Male Significator and the Queen of Spades.

And I don’t like the last card, it shows up when things fail. Osiris was killed by his brother, so there may be an element of sabotage. What I’m thinking is V
or somebody might try to help you move, but the plans will fall through. The man filling the oil lamp says not to give up hope, give it some time.

The 5 of Clubs and the 7 of Hearts show some bad blood, I’m guessing between men (Paris and Menelaus). There may be meetings and happy times on the surface but basically they don’t like each other very much and that’s going to come into play in this situation.

Your geomantic signs are:
RUBEUS (RED) Passion. Vice, temper. Sexuality. This is a warning for caution and a need for retreat. Negativity and upheaval. Stop and listen to your inner voice to find the correct path to follow. Good in all that is evil, and evil in all that is good.
Associations: Mobile, Mars, Scorpio, Tuesday, Water, Genitals and Reproductive System

LAETITIA (JOY) Joy, laughter, happiness, good luck, delight, beauty, good health, harmony and peace of mind. Favourable for almost everything. A secret is revealed. Agreement.
Associations: Mobile, Jupiter, Pisces (Agrippa: Sagittarius), Thursday, Water, Feet

So it will end well eventually, it’s just going to take awhile. I think the time of the first disappointment is the time to really start putting a lot of effort into this, since Laetitia and the dead Osiris are on the same card. Hope this helps.

Grand Jeu Flowers

This post is a work in progress. Meanings and more translations will be added as time goes by, things will be tweaked, but in the meantime I at least wanted to get something up here to help identify the flowers!

It can be very difficult to find any information at all about the flowers on this deck, and when you finally do, well, it’s usually bogus. Many sources list only one flower per card…


…but as you can see, there is more than one. Victorian flower language is a study in itself, but here is my favorite link for looking some of the meanings up.

And here is the list. I’ve left some of the French names for now, rather than give a bad translation. In time I hope to have all of them done.

King of Clubs – Plumbago, basil, poppy
Queen of Clubs – Organes sexuels, honeysuckle, rose of four seasons
Jack of Clubs – colorful carnation, anagallis, menispermum
10 of Clubs – Bromelia, rassella, tobacco
9 of Clubs – Anthoseros, hellebore, red clover
8 of Clubs – Organes sexuels
7 of Clubs – Castanea, salix, China rose
6 of Clubs – Taxus, rhus, geranium
5 of Clubs – Organes sexuels – Gallium, tilia
4 of Clubs – Red Wallflower, mesembryanthemum, theobroma
3 of Clubs – White lilacs, willow, saponaria
2 of Clubs – Wheat, melia, statice
Ace of Clubs – Tremella, marguerite, bell

King of Hearts – Lily of the valley, marshmallow, cherry leaves and fruits
Queen of Hearts – Cistus, papaver, lilas varin
Jack of Hearts – Fuchsia, lemna, ryegrass
10 of Hearts – Violet, seringat, rose of May
9 of Hearts – Lilas, arum lily, immortal
8 of Hearts – Willow daphné, coltha bucida
7 of Hearts – Dahlia, belle-de-jour, snowdrop
6 of Hearts – Ivy wrapping a lily without flowers, Rose of France, flowery sage
5 of Hearts – Veratrum, lichen, rumex
4 of Hearts – Cartanus défleuri, potamogeton, scirpus effeuillé
3 of Hearts – Elder, ciperus, laurel
2 of Hearts – Fucus,double violets, mixed hyacinthe
Ace of Hearts – Buxus, musa, button of half-opened pink

King of Diamonds – Orange tree flowers and fruits, tea rose, larkspur
Queen of Diamonds – Balota, geranium, jonquil
Jack of Diamonds – Dodartia, balsam, cobaea
10 of Diamonds – Barega, red carnation, tulip
9 of Diamonds – Carthamus, convolvulus, juniper
8 of Diamonds – Chrysanthemum, gladiolus, silphium
7 of Diamonds – Hypericum, cardiospermum, colorful hellebore
6 of Diamonds – Rhododendron, strawberries and heather leaves
5 of Diamonds – Ochre clover, wallflower, paronichia
4 of Diamonds – Urtica, brionia, cercis
3 of Diamonds – Ivy embracing the thorn, seringat, rosemary
2 of Diamonds – Gentian, yellow violet, buttercup
Ace of Diamonds – Reed, lythrum, rose unique

King of Spades – Tulip, eliam, canna
Queen of Spades – Ruscus, polypodium, locust tree
Jack of Spades – Véronique, wallflower, periwinkle
10 of Spades – Saxifrage, flowers and fruits, berberis, garcinia
9 of Spades – Epilobium ; rose à cent feuilles, cornflower
8 of Spades – Orchis, taraspic, cardanus
7 of Spades – Oat, pione, rose bâtarde.
6 of Spades – Cotha, papaver, juniper
5 of Spades – Yellow carnation, raspberry, arum lily
4 of Spades – Sodum, sunflower, gossipium
3 of Spades – Cypress, box tree, laurel
2 of Spades – Sempervivum, ribes, melostoma
Ace of Spades – Paronichia, lycopodium, sweet pea

Source: cartomancien.com

Through the looking glass

Having trouble getting the constellations on the cards to match up to the diagrams?
In some cases, there’s a trick to it.

Here’s Ophiuchus:


And a mirror image of the Ace of Clubs:


Start with the two big stars on the right shoulder of Ophiuchus and see how it matches. Serpens is shown by the smaller stars on the card. Do you see it? 😀