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A Message From Andybc

Dear Friends,

It is with regret I’ve taken the decision to close myfortunae and Cartomantes’ Cabinet, with immediate effect. This was not an easy decision.

This last week has been hellish. The trouble is these are not isolated events. As much as it pains to me to admit it, I’ve reached the point where I now wonder “is it worth it?”

Regrettably, the answer is no. Who’d have thought hosting a blog would cause so much trouble lol.

One cannot emphasise how guilty I feel to let down so many of you: people who have bothered to take my course, are midway through it, or just read my blog, or contact me for help. I’m genuinely sorry.

Lots of people have often asked me, or raised questions, on why I chose to offer the course for free. To date, I’ve not told people the reason. But here we go: the generosity of the people who taught me allowed me to make a living in 2010, when I was subjected to extreme workplace bullying and lost someone very close me too.

Generosity, in my opinion, is something severely lacking in this world. And by that, I mean genuine generosity and volunteerism. It didn’t cost me anything to learn the petit-Lenormand (and it’s not a family secret, unlike palmistry), and, who knows: maybe one of my students might find themselves in a similar situation. Why charge? Teaching hasn’t affected my clientele – it maximised it.

But reading some of the stuff that has been written about me – from the appalling that involves my family, to the ludicrous it is just stupid.

I genuinely never attacked Tarot Lynn, nor Sylvie Steinbach and certainly never Iris Treppner. I recommend Sylvie for a long time (2011/12) – I even gave her the names of Lenormand’s sister and nephew and niece, which didn’t know. And all I said about Tarot Lynn was that her post betrayed ego; her phrase, not mine, and I even messaged her today to try and bury the hatchet..

I sincerely hope you can all forgive me; especially if I have ever offended you. Please continue with your studies. I sincerely believe, with practise, and sticking to incremental path, you can master one of the best cartomantic methods. It doesn’t matter what card you use for work or sex, as long as you learn the method.

I wish you all well in your studies and everything else.

Andy Boroveshengra.

Cards & fans & fans & fans…



The spreads I almost always use are the Grand Tableau, the 3×3 and lines of 3, 5, 7 or 9. But sometimes it’s fun to play with something else. I see a lot of people adapting Tarot spreads to Lenormand, etc., or inventing spreads, and this is actually OK, there’s just a simple trick to making it effective.


In cartomancy with playing cards, you’ll run across spreads that use a fan for each position. This generally consists of three cards – they can be laid side-by-side, or laid out in a fan formation, similar to the way a person holds a poker hand:




Hence the name. 🙂 You can see an example of a spread that uses named positions, like Tarot, but with three-card fans for each position, at Cardseer’s blog here.


So, using this logic, you can adapt just about ANY Tarot spread to Lenormand, playing cards, Sibilla, Kipperkarten, or whatever. Just remember to use three cards for each position.


Recently, there’s been a trend in american Lenormand called “mobile” Houses. It’s done by laying out random cards in a small spread, and laying more random cards on top of them. It’s a fun technique, but “Houses” is actually a misnomer, since Houses require the entire deck in set order. “Mobile” Houses remind me of nothing so much as two-card fans! Why not make it three cards?


There’s a good reason for using three cards – you can see the logic in Chanah’s piece called Why Three Card Draws?
She makes the case that the third card can be VITAL, so take time to look over the examples! There’s a big different between Heart + Key, and Heart + Key + Fox! The third card makes all the difference in Lilies + Cross + Ring, too.

So if you’re going to venture off the beaten path with your spreads, just remember the fans. It takes a few words to make a sentence, after all! 😉