Andy’s “Thirty Six Cards – An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand” – don’t miss this!

36 Cards

If you want a solid foundation in Lenormand reading (and not a lot of misinformation that you’ll only have to unlearn later), don’t miss Andy Boroveshengra’s Thirty-Six Cards: An Introduction to the petit-Lenormand. It gives you clear explanations of card meanings, attendance, distance, spreads (up to and including the Grand Tableau) and exercises. It’s geared towards beginners and intermediate students, but there’s so much solid information here that it would be worthwhile for even the most seasoned reader to keep a copy close at hand.

You can get the Kindle edition here:

Or in pdf format directly from Andy here:


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  1. I am new to all of this. I’ve never read cards, and never had a reading done. I’ve always held an interest in Tarot simply because I love to learn new things and once I found myself with extra time I began researching it and planning to buy a deck and learn. Somehow I discovered Lenormand and something about it just kinda “spoke” to me more than Tarot so I ended up purchasing a Blue Owl deck and a Gilded Reverie deck. I’ve read Andy’s book (fantastic!), Rana George’s book (also good), and the Learning Lenormand book by Marcus Katz (sorry to say but even I as a total newbie thought it was confusing, inaccurate, and misleading.). I’ve waded through mountains of blogs, websites, forums, and facebook pages. I want to learn TRADITIONAL Lenormand and apparently that is not an easy thing to even FIND let alone learn. Thankfully I found this blog and Andy’s book to help me get to the bottom of it and begin learning and practicing. To the owner of this blog: I don’t know you but I like you already! 🙂 You say what you think and sure sound like you know what the hell your talking about. You’ve done alot of work for me by simply weeding out the nonsense and bullshit thats out there on Lenormand. I am trying to find courses to take as I feel that would give me some structure and was really wanting to take Andy’s course but it appears to be no longer in service 😦 If anyone has any suggestions or advice I welcome it!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to ask my other question. As far as a complete newbie goes, as in someone who has never so much as played a card game, what do you think is “better” or easier to learn, Lenormand? or Tarot? I am a sarcastic, realistic, literal bitch lol, thats just my personality and I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I’m a Pisces and identify with my sign almost to a scary degree sometimes. I guess I chose Lenormand over Tarot even though I’d never heard of it because I liked the “blunt, literal” approach and thought it might be a simpler system for someone like me to learn. I think I may have underestimated that one though 😉

    • It takes a good while to get fluent with Lenormand, but it sounds like you’re on the right track. 🙂

      I prefer Lenormand, but I’ve been exposed to so much Tarot gunk that I may have picked up a bit of an allergy, lol. As Andy has stated, Lenormand is a method, not a deck, but Tarot is a type of deck, with a lot of variations and different reading methods. So with that, you have different TdM methods, plus Golden Dawn, Ettiella, etc. I don’t care for modern Tarot at all, since I don’t like fake psychology and counseling. 😛 But predictive Tarot exists, and if I’m not mistaken, Andy is putting together a book on that, too. So a lot of us will be blowing the dust off our Tarot decks then. That doesn’t mean Lenormand will be going on a back burner, though – I find it a necessary thing to have at hand, it stays in my purse with my keys, wallet and makeup bag, lol.

      If you want to concentrate on just one, or learn both, no matter. 😉

  3. Today I went to to purchase this book for my Kindle. It appears to have been withdrawn from Do you know if it will be reissued as an ebook? I prefer to have it on my Kindle rather than as a PDF file.

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