The Black Lives Matter Protests

The protests have gone worldwide. It’s a continuation of an old, old fight against something that never should have existed to begin with going back to lynchings and slavery, and I, for one, am happy to see so many people rising up and taking a stand against it. It tells me that there are still a lot of humans out there with compassion, spine, and a working moral compass. This generation out there on the front lines is no joke. The world is not just evil and complacency after all. People are fighting for the soul of this nation. And we’re seeing it play out in real time, and there are things we can ALL do.

I’m going to take a moment to clarify a few things. I’ve been unfriending people on facebook and they sometimes want to know why. So I’m going to state the obvious here so I can just link to it. At this late date, everyone should already know these things, but it seems some don’t. If you don’t need this, skip ahead to the line of asteriks.

I have heard some call them “rioters” and “looters”. But it’s already documented that most of that is coming from rightwing hate groups and cops seeking to discredit them. One does not take chances with COVID 19 and killer cops just to get a free TV or break a window. And if some of the protesters did do some damage, I can’t blame them. I totally get wanting to smash things when nobody listens. Again, people are fighting for the soul of this nation.

Have a look at these links and tell me where police loyalties lie:

vs.a known hate group getting a police escort:

“All lives matter”. People use that to brush the issues aside. This is worth a read:

And then there are those white folks who fear equality lest the tables are turned. But to have “black supremacy” on the scale of what white people did would involve exacting revenge, enslaving the few survivors, cutting them off from any trace of their culture and keep them from progressing civically for GENERATIONS. Your worries are just your guilty conscience.

This isn’t about who’s going to be top dog. The protesters are people of all races. Even a preschooler knows that it’s wrong to kill someone simply because you’re allowed to get away with it. I don’t know why grown-ass adults have so much trouble grasping this.

Resources and things you can do:

A Growing List of Resources for the Movement for Black Lives

This is excellent. Racism is brainwashing. Why not counter some of it with teaching materials?

Teaching Materials

For everyone who can’t be there:

Follow Bernice A. King:

Follow Ilyasah Shabazz:

The following is from Evylyn Rose at the * REDACTED *  forum:

“Pandemic safety tips for those who can go out to join the protests:

“This is the site for bail funds specific to Richmond, Virginia, but this particular page provides US-wide statistics on the need for posting bail (hint: *not* posting bail sways guilty verdicts – it’s almost like freedom is only for those who can pay…) and a section on racial discrimination factors. If you’re considering donating to a cause, bail funds aren’t just a ticket out of a few nights in jail – they are a major way to fight back against the broken system.

“There’s also supply drop-offs being set up for those who might not have money to share right now, but maybe have some extra duct tape, baking powder, band-aids, vinegar, or about a dozen other supplies that go toward medical prevention and treatment for protestors. This one gives a list of needed supplies & contact info for the one in the DC area:

DC Doesn’t Have a Bail Fund. Here’s How You Can Donate to Help Protesters.

“And just for a bit of inspiration and hope:

And remember: this is for all of us. No country should be allowed to slide into fascism. No genocide should be allowed to occur. What is done to one is done to all, if allowed to continue.

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  1. “And if some of the protesters did do some damage, I can’t blame them. I totally get wanting to smash things when nobody listens.” Too right. Listen or be made to. Either way, things have got to change.

  2. Hello from Bavaria dear Stella!

    WOW, you sure did put in a lot of work. Thank you.
    I agree wholeheartedly: this must STOP! NOW!

    What kind of a society, nation and world are we, if in 2020 the age old slavery, your life does not matter still exist? Not one worthy of continuence, that’s for sure.

    Hard times but, time to rise up against all racism, against those police members that kill! Lock them up and throw away the key.

  3. I attended the rally in Birmingham. I wanted to go to London, but my NHS duties prevented that.

    The only looters were the imperialist colonials. The protesters don’t have time to loot. These are people fighting for their lives against an entrenched, racist culture that denies their basic right of existence.

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