A 2020 election reading

This is a reading I did on facebook recently, on the fly. I will quote it here as is, neither adding to it nor editing:

“September 16 at 1:42 AM

It’s early yet, but I’ve done early pulls on elections before and they’ve worked. All of my election pulls have been correct except 2016, and the fault in that one was the way I worded the question – Hillary DID win the popular vote, and that’s what the cards reflected.

Even as sick as everybody is of Trump, the GOP is encouraging more Russian interference. And a lot of the Berners are being pissy and threatening to once again sit this one out, or worse yet, vote Trump if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination. So I threw some cards to see what the actual results/aftermath of the next election will be, and ugh, there’s some nasty ones here.

Boundaries of the spread are Tree + Mice, failing health (hmmmm….) and Stork + Birds. Stressful change, but maybe an older couple moves? Let’s look at the inner diamond and see what will happen.

Snake + Anchor + Clouds + Man + Coffin. It’s too early to say who the Snake is. (Warren? I’d be OK with Warren.) Whoever she is, she’s not going away. (Anchor). Trouble (Clouds, and if you use the dark side, it’s definitely facing the Man) for Trump, and there’s the good old Coffin, the end, finis.

So even if they rig this one, we won’t be getting 8 years of this shit. It won’t be a pleasant time (all those nasty cards) but one way or another, he’s out. Maybe he’ll literally croak. You’re all invited for cocktails at my house if that happens.”

What’s interesting is that I got comments from other readers who are getting essentially the same thing – nasty cards around Trump, and a woman who contributes to taking him out. None of us know for sure who she is yet, but she’s apparently very real.

I could parse this further, but I think I’ll just let the reading stand as is and see “which way the cat jumps”.

Until then, I leave you with this song:

“Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win…”

What are you guys getting? Leave me a comment!

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  1. Hi Stella,

    I’ve very much enjoyed your thoughts and all over time.

    We are very much on different ends of the political spectrum. It would be far preferable to me to see much more respect being shown vs. wishing a president’s death. I realize it’s popular today to express polarizing thoughts about whomever isn’t liked. Though much as I disagreed with President Obama on many things, I didn’t wish that he would die.

    I’ve learned to respect the will of the voters, even if it’s not what I personally like. I can find something to like in nearly anyone if I try a bit. While old fashioned, that’s how my parents raised me.

    And while I respect your right to choose and feel as you wish, I just wish I could hear it without cringing. And I wish it was easier to focus on your analysis vs. on the vitriol.

    I don’t expect this will change you. Thought I’d sure another point of view.

    Anyway, I enjoy what you do and have for a long time. I love your thoughts and analysis. I hope this time you’re wrong. LOL But if you’re right, I’ll find it within me to respect the will of the voters.

    All the best.


    From: fate keeps on happening Reply: fate keeps on happening Date: September 20, 2019 at 1:59:39 AMFri To: altkenyc@gmail.com Subject: [New post] A 2020 election reading

    Stella aka “fennario” posted: ” This is a reading I did on facebook recently, on the fly. I will quote it here as is, neither adding to it nor editing: “September 16 at 1:42 AM It’s early yet, but I’ve done early pulls on elections before and they’ve worked. All of my election”

    • If it was a simple matter of not agreeing with his political and legislative actions, it would be no different from disagreeing with any other president, and the polls would be preferred course of action.

      However, besides things like speeding up climate change, using the office of president for personal gain, encouraging white supremacists, getting cozy with hostile foreign dictators and starting a war with Iran because the Saudis spend a lot of money at his properties, all of which are horrifying, there are the concentration camps to consider.

      Trump is a major threat to humans, animals and life on this planet. How many lives is he snuffing out?

      When concentration camps entered the equation, Trump became a Hitler figure. And yes, the comparison is apt:

      So it’s not like back when Reagan (or whoever) did something I disagreed with, this is beyond “not liking” Trump. We have an actual nazi president who has authorized cramming unvaccinated children into cages in filthy conditions.

      And for that, yes, he’s become something that it would be morally reprehensible for me to try to “find something to like.”

      As for “the will of the people”. with all the Russian interference, hacking, and disenfranchisement of POC, one has to wonder.
      The US is beginning to look like a fascist country engaged in ethnic cleansing.

    • It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it? I’m knocking on wood that will happen.
      I want all these corrupt repubs gone. McConnell and all the rest.

  2. I would like to do a reading using the same question verbiage as you did, do you mind sharing it with so and then I will cast a 3X3 as well and see how we match up? Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing what I get from your question as well.

    • My pleasure.
      I asked, “What effect will the next election have on the office of POTUS?”
      There’s a lot of upheaval in these cards. Looking forward to seeing what you get – feel free to link it here if you like!

      • I posted on my website thefortunetellerssociety.com for you and any of your followers to have a peek at. Thank you Stella – this is proving to be an interesting study and I hope to perhaps work a bit more with you on it further down the line.

      • Hi Hugh! And thanks for the shoutout. I didn’t mean to take so long acknowledging this – things have been unfolding a mile a minute and I sometimes wonder if Trump is even going to be running when the election rolls around! (It would be nice if he was gone already, but I’m not holding my breath.)

        From what I gather, the Inquiry is the first step in the process. They could move quickly from here, or they could let it hang fire.
        The House wants him gone, obviously. The Senate is another matter. I’m sure a lot of them don’t actually LIKE him, but they toe the party line. It’s purely partisan and corrupt.https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/09/27/jeff-flake-at-least-35-gop-senators-would-impeach-trump/3792866002/?fbclid=IwAR3ZcgE1zRz1mnM7wyie6zlY9AExTQYcP2ZjTZDGjJtFu1NSzN6WCmfh1Pw
        Nixon resigned willingly, but Trump will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming, since once he’s no longer in office, he’s getting indicted. It’s going to be crazy watching all of this unfold.

        Your cards https://thefortunetellerssociety.com/2019/09/22/a-2020-election-reading-my-reading/ , while not quite as dire-looking as the ones I pulled, do seem to be talking about new dangers, and lies, but it’s not all bad. We’ve been damaged and can’t expect everything to set itself in order immediately. It doesn’t look like a Trump presidency, though. 🙂 Either he loses or he gets the boot somehow. I think we’re getting essentially the same thing, in different ways, Two sides of the same coin. 😉

  3. Did a throw when I was at the Women’s March, day after his inauguration. Cards said he’d fall at the hands of a woman. I’ve been posting as such since then. They also said, that yes, his health is failing and it looks as though he could actually die, while a women is present. But instead of helping, she just files her nails, or some such thing. Like she watches passively as he has a heart attack.

    Nice article, Stella.

  4. Could you reinterpret this spread in light of COVID-19 pandemic? I’m not a pro, but I’m seeing Trumps response to the pandemic plays a role in the outcome. Would love to know what an experienced reader sees now.

    • It’s interesting you mentioned that. Another Coffin meaning is illness, and it’s all bunched up with Clouds and Rats – it absolutely could be referring to COVID 19. Ebola was contained quickly and securely under Obama. It’s doable, but Trump blew it with his nonexistent “response”, just like he’s doing everything horribly wrong concerning the BLM protest. Siccing the US Armed Forces on American citizens is literally a declaration of war on We, The People.
      Luckily, more people are catching on. He’s even been called out by republicans like the Bush family and various high profile clergy, people who normally NEVER criticize the GOP. More and more people denouncing him every day.
      He’s toast. What has he got to stand on? Nothing but those Rats
      But I still don’t know who the woman is. There’s so many of us who can’t stand him…

  5. The vast majority, perhaps 95% of card readers, psychics, astrologers, predicted a Hillary win in 2016. How could they all be so wrong? Here is the answer……..they allowed their bias to cloud their judgment and the readings reflected the bias. If you have a strong desire for a certain outcome it will be reflected in the reading. A reader must become aware of the bias and then they must put it aside to get accuracy. For me this is easy to do in politics, because I realize that the two political parties in America are only an illusion to divide and conquer. There is only one party and it wants never ending war and it wants to turn all citizens (except the !%) into debt slaves. So, in terms of making predictions for elections it is rather easy for me, because I do not have a horse in the race. On July 11, 2015 (15 months before the election) I made this prediction on Twitter: ” Love him or hate him, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.” I still have the tweet as proof. To me, Trump is just another puppet, so it was easy to see the outcome. I suggest those in the fortune telling community put aside your political bias and you might just see your accuracy rate increase dramatically.

    • While I understand what you’re saying about bias, and there’s no shortage of it out there, (there’s a large faction of people who insist there are “no bad cards!”, and yet others who refuse to predict anything negative lest it become “self-fulfilling prophecy”), in my own case that’s not an issue. I miscalled the last election because I asked the question wrong. I asked who would get the most votes, without taking the Electoral College into account. And the cards answered truthfully: Hillary.

      Reading on an election is quite different than it used to be. We have to take things like voter surpression, Russian interference, rigged machines, etc., into account. And I’ve noticed that Trump often doesn’t show up in my readings as “president”, probably because he fulfills none of the duties of the office. Perhaps the best question to ask is “Who will be the next occupant of the Oval Office?”

      My accuracy rate is fine. I’ve been reading cards since the early 70’s and that was the first election reading I miscalled.

      I would not advise falling into the trap of thinking that the two parties are working toward the same goals. While there are Democrats who have drifted alarmingly to the right (many of whom make a moderate Republican like Dwight Eisenhower look like a flaming liberal), the GOP is infested with actual fascists and nazis, as we know from the migrant concentration camps and Trump’s attempt to declare war on the american people by siccing the Armed Forces on legal, peaceful BLM protesters, trying to cause a Tiananmen Square-style massacre simply because we collectively called him a #BunkerBitch.

      People should never, ever “put aside bias” against fascists, nazis, and white supremacists. If you’re using the cards correctly, what’s on the table is clear – whether it’s what we want to see or not.

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