Cards and sewing and forums and goddamn nazis

If you’re looking for insights on how to read cards, I’ll save you some time. This is purely for those who have been following me for awhile and are interested in what’s going on. And yes, here there be drama – but not the trad-Lenormand-vs.-intuitive kind we used to have.

I found the most wonderful seller on Etsy! Mrs. Depew Vintage I can never find perfect clothes online. Either they’re the wrong fabric, or too long/short, or no good colors, or…something. So – with some trepidation, I have begun sewing again! I haven’t done it since high school, and I’m sure my first few garments will be godawful. But it’s OK. I’m making an authentic 1930’s Hooverette (It seems pretty simple and straightforward) and even if I screw it up, it will be good around the house. Hooverette pattern

A Hooverette is a great dress. If you get a little something on it, you can lap it over the other way. It’s not like regular wrap dresses that only fastens one way. And it’s got that 1930’s look…people were broke, but they tried not to look like it. These were house dresses that people wore for cleaning and cooking, and they’re nicer than a lot of what people wear to go out these days!

So much wonderful vintage stuff there…20’s, 30’s, 40s…

Ah, the 40’s. Things draped in those days. Women had time to fix their hair, and you never left the house without your red lipstick on, because Hitler hated it and an affordable little lipstick was “responsible luxury”. It wasn’t All Good, obviously. We were at war – with Nazis.

I hate nazis and fascists, and I feel obligated to speak against them when I bump into them. If I can’t get away with physically whacking them à la Danuta Danielsson, I will send them into a tailspin of butthurt. It’s quite gratifying.

So I was somewhat shocked and appalled when a forum I have been frequenting for literally years (I co-founded, left, came back, and stuck around a long time) came out in favor of nazis.

I want to say that I have never had a real problem there, and the old admin, Rif (Jase On Cards), always seemed OK. He seems to have gone offline, though, even his blog is gone. Hmmm…

It was a good place, since the focus was reading techniques and learning, not an AT style “buy all the shit and then buy more shit! And don’t criticize the shit!” focus. Or anyway, it was until now.

Some basement dweller was making an inept Tarot deck, a badly done collage deck. The theme was WWII. It had glorified pictures of Hitler and Goebbels, and lots of swastikas.

Here is my final post that got me banned, for those who are interested in such things. And I hate to disappoint, but I didn’t even talk smack:

Admin: A couple of members strongly dislike this deck, and feel WWII shouldn’t be referenced for any reason. By that reasoning, we shouldn’t have any WWII-era movies, fashion, books, historical photos, museum displays and so on. Yet these things exist.

Me: I don’t recall anyone saying it shouldn’t be referenced for any reason, FCP.
I can’t speak for Ruth, but my own objections to this deck have to do with the way that it’s done, not the fact that it’s a WWII deck.

Admin: Any artist has the right to explore subjects that are important to them through art. It’s the artist’s apparent lot in life to bear disapproval. The question is, what kinds of art are fair to discuss in a public setting at a privately managed forum?

Many of you know Barbara Walker for her tarot contributions, yet she is highly respected by a larger audience for her innovative contributions to the knitting world. Her classic book “Mosaic Knitting” includes many patterns that are swastika variants. I’ve seen amazon reviews criticizing this book for having too many swastikas, which make some people uncomfortable. Yet Barbara, as you might expect from her tarot and mythology work, was aware of the use of the swastika in other cultures before it was appropriated by Hitler. She was not glorifying WWII in her knitting book yet it made people uncomfortable. I wonder if Barbara had sought book advice here, would she have been heavily criticized?

Me: TBH, yes.

Regardless of the original intent of the swastika, it’s tainted now. It’s like the ‘n’ word that way – acceptable for some people to use in certain contexts, but generally to be avoided. The ‘n’ word is a word of degradation. And the swastika is a symbol of exterminating Jews, gays, Romany, Poles, and disabled people. I can count people from all those groups as friends, and in some cases, family. Why the hell should I be OK with that symbol?

I’m aware that a WWII deck would have to include it. I object to the gratuitous use of it in this deck. It has its place. I think this is a FINE use of the swastika:

(Posted with a spoiler, so people would have to click it to see it):

Me continued: And it was well placed Art Spiegelman’s Maus. That thing is a masterpiece. You wouldn’t think that a comic featuring anthropomorphized animals would be a respectful medium for a story about the Holocaust, but he makes it work.

Same with Schindler’s List. It had swastikas in it, but it expressed the horrific actions of the people who used them. I think that’s key.

Art with swastikas should acknowledge the horror. This deck doesn’t.

I never really got into Barbara Walker as her Tarot doesn’t appeal to me, so I googled the knitting and this was the first thing that came up.

“Seriously, if I saw someone wearing a sweater emblazoned with swastikas, I wouldn’t think, “Follower of the Buddha,” I’d think, “Aryan Nation.””

“It’s clear from Walker’s other writings that she was pretty disgusted at how a symbol she saw as having links to prehistory had been debased by the Nazi party. She hoped that someday the world would have healed enough to reclaim that spiritual heritage of the design, rather than focusing on its mid-20th century perversion. That being said, too many of my familiy died in Europe for me to ever see the symbol in any other context, in spite of her reasoning.”

“The number of people who deny the Holocaust is growing steadily.” (In that sense, we never stopped fighting WWII. We’re still battling nazis and fascists.)

“I own that book and I must not have read through it thoroughly enough to catch it. Maybe I’ll rip that page out or something. I don’t really want it in my collection, either.”

“You were right to put the book down. I’d have no problem with the other patterns in the book, but they’re hanging out at the wrong club. So, nope. good on you.”

Admin: I’ve seen the criticism leveled at artists like Ciro Marchetti and Robert Place, and I’ve tried to put the damper on that here. I remember when Ciro and Baba visited us, and I wanted artists to feel welcome to discuss their work. I know how much time and effort goes into painting or drawing one piece of art, let alone 78 of them, and I can’t imagine putting my work-in-progress out for the public. Aside from any question of content, I don’t think it’s right for non-artists to dictate what an artist’s work should be unless it’s a commercial transaction (i.e. paying for an illustrator).

Me: Art is one of my sidelines. I’ve done oils, tattoos, charcoals…I don’t do much with it because there’s not much money in it, considering the time I have to put in. But “non-artist” isn’t applicable here.


(Side note, not in post: it didn’t occur to me at the time I posted, but Roger Ebert was not an actor. A lot of critics are not actors, musicians, artists, etc. So what? Anybody has the right to criticize anything they want. All that text was just his way of telling me to SHUT UP. And it would be wrong for me to shut up.)


Admin: Can you imagine telling Vermeer that he sucked while painting Girl with a Pearl Earring because she should have worn diamonds?

Me: Pearls vs. diamonds lacks the gravity of gratuitous swastikas.

Admin: Art, by its nature, can be provocative and uncomfortable. Some people love the saccharine moods of Thomas Kincade’s “paintings of light” while others revel in the madness of H.R. Geiger’s bio-machines. What happens when we get into trigger topics? What about art that represents madness, or loss of humanity, or an artist’s personal crisis such as mental illness or rape? Apparently this is also a trigger topic for some folks who believe that tarot should not include the subject of WWII.

Me: So make it grittier, more real. Show the piled up corpses. Make it HONEST. Not some whitewashed, happy-looking thing.

Admin: For this thorny issue, I look back to our policies. I don’t believe this deck is being shared at the forum to specifically upset people who are uncomfortable with WWII. I don’t see the artist proclaiming the greatness of hate in the United States. The artist was looking for feedback and opinions on his art — which he received in spades. I think this is fair, and our staff supports the same. Whether or not it’s appropriate for the public will be determined by the public, either in sales or a gallery show.
(Gallery show??? Ha!)
Me: I STRONGLY encourage everyone to read this. The whole thing.
I’m not saying that the dog whistles in this deck are intentional. It could all be innocent mistakes, missteps. But the deck does have dog whistles.

Admin: In short: dial it down, folks. This thread doesn’t have to be a love-fest, but by the same token, it doesn’t have to be a hate-fest either. If there are any more personal attacks or diatribes, then the staff will ban offenders immediately. (In other words, banning isn’t solely dependent on my availability or visiting of a thread.) To be clear, that will be applied to members on either side of this debate, so all should be respectful and avoid personal attacks. You all know the drill by now…

Me: Speaking for myself, all my criticism was directed at the deck, not the man. He’s made multiple personal attacks on me, good thing I have a thick skin. Yet your post seems to mainly be addressing those of us who take issue with the deck? What’s going on here?

If I am on thin ice, so be it. I like this place, but I can’t in good conscience not speak up.
If I am banned, I ask only that you not delete this post.
When it’s all said and done, I want people to at least know I said something.

Another member: Art should make us feel, think, talk. Sometimes art takes on the negative aspects of these, making us angry or argumentative. Negative thoughts and emotions are a crucial part of a life experience. There is no light without the dark. Life isn’t all sunshine, unicorns, and lollipops.

Does this mean we should censor someone else’s art or their freedom of expression because we find it offensive? Bully them into giving up what they believe to be a work they’ve poured their heart and soul into? If we start down this road, there’s no telling where we’ll end.

TCF will not be the place to discourage artist and deck creators from realizing their projects.

Me: Gregory, I don’t have the ability to censor anyone’s art or freedom of expression. And I LOATHE unicorns and lollipops.
See what I said above, re: “Art with swastikas should acknowledge the horror”, “So make it grittier, more real. Show the piled up corpses. Make it HONEST. Not some whitewashed, happy-looking thing”, etc.

It kind of IS unicorns and lollipops. That’s the problem.

And that got me banned. Criticizing a deck and saying that swastikas shouldn’t be used willy-nilly in a Tarot.

Meanwhile, the “alt-right” shitbag who created that shitty deck had posted this:


Some “white nationalist”: Oh the irony that this is the first reply after the last two preceding posts. Talk about ‘on cue’.

I was wondering when you were going to pop up again. But to your credit, you have not sent me hate mail (although you were a few peoples first guess, go figure) because obviously, your personality needs an audience to bash and belittle in front of. I find it fascinating and a bit disturbing that instead of actually ‘bowing out’ you sort of just lurked in the shadows keeping tabs on this conversation until it became too civil. And to be fair, too one-sided, as there has not been much civil and constructive decentive views. But now that you have returned…. well, there still isn’t any of that. Also, as I have pointed out earlier in this thread, there are people in the world that would think that reading cards is an ‘appalling monstrosity’, an affront against god and consorting with demons. (admittedly most of those people probably are trump supporting evangelicals, but hey…) Fortunately, we all know better than that. It is all a matter of perspective. Unfortunately, for some, that seems to be a one-way mirror. Although I do agree that this would probably have been a ‘trigger’ for many in the 40’s.

Normally, when I create something and it irritates somebody, I feel a bit put off that it has done such. But your particular brand of vitriol has encouraged me to step up my game. It does not matter if anyone buys this or not, just that it gets done. As a matter of fact, I think I shall enlarge several of the cards up to portrait size and use them in my next art showing in honor of you. And for the record, I would not want it anywhere near your home either as it is not meant for someone like you.

I look forward to you pettily bashing any other project I might post on here just because this one has gotten a bee in your bonnet. Although in this statement, I hope I am wrong about the future conjecture on the possibility of you having an extreme case of self-righteous indignation.

See all the flaming and ad hominem attacks? Yet all I did was point out what was wrong with the DECK.
Not the most professional or evenhanded modding, is it?

I can only conclude that The Cartomancy Forum is now coddling nazis, racists, and antisemites. It was a good place when Rif had it, but all things must end eventually.

It’s the beginning of the end, though. Andy won’t be posting there anymore. I’m out, and Ruth is done with the place. There’s a few people I’ll miss, but I’ll find them on facebook eventually. It will implode.

My apologies to everyone I sent there.

And speaking of the 30’s, the US is where Germany was then. We have concentration camps – for children. Thousands of them have been raped and molested. Some of these kids have died needlessly. Babies have been sold.

This is where we are. We don’t have the luxury of blowing this shit off.
FUCK nazis. And fuck that nazi-coddling forum.

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  1. You’re spot on with all of your arguments from that post.
    David Hume writes in his essay, ‘the Standard or Taste’ about not engaging in art that is immoral, which then of course opesn up the debate of what is immoral when it comes to art. It’s a really dry and tedious read, but it is worth a read.
    Good on you for standing up to them. I’m gald you spoke up.

    • Dry and tedious things are worth slogging through if it’s something important, and it sounds like this is. I’ll seek it out. Thank you!

      • Thanks Katrinka/Stella!
        Considering this and that (but only very superficially on my side), I feel that the whole thing could have been managed differently. Well…
        I also leave TCF, a bit disappointed.
        We have a saying here, a translation could be “When you know men, you love your dog!” lol (there is some wisdom there!) 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you were banned Katrintra, it’s really too bad, things have gone too far unfortunately, I’m afraid.
    I subscribed to your blog so I could follow you that way.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and advices on the Forum, it was much appreciated!

  3. I missed the whole thing (as usual) but I’ve been checking the lay of the land over there since yesterday. Admin has since posted a Must Read ban on political and religious discussions, in the name of “community”. I was managing to keep an open mind while reading through it until I got to this bit –

    “A common characteristic of trolls is that they feel entitled to say whatever they want to say. Nobody screams louder about their right to free speech than a troll.”

    A troll? Is that how you view people who have the balls to speak out for what’s right? People who understand that society is more important than any artificial “community”?

    M’byeee. Won’t miss ya. I’m more distressed about Jase’s disappearance. I hadn’t realised his blog has gone private. I’ve asked for access. I hope he’s okay.

    • There’s been a lot of misrepresentation. I’d post something, FCP would delete it, and then argue against some red herring that was not what I actually said. His “A couple of members strongly dislike this deck, and feel WWII shouldn’t be referenced for any reason” is just one example. What I actually said was that I didn’t see the necessity for a WWII deck, but if it is to be done, it should be done well, and the Nazi stuff should not be glorified. That got deleted, then FCP changed the thread title to include “WWII” and started going on about people being “triggered” by it. He did everything but call us “snowflakes”. He’s trolling his own forum.

      And the deck guy – posting a landmine topic to start a fight and divide the members, and then playing the injured party is an old, known and noted trolling technique. Swastikas certainly qualify as a forum landmine. I PM’ed FCP days before telling him as much, but he ignored it, no reply.

      Has he made gregory a mod? (Her “TCF will not be the place to discourage artist and deck creators from realizing their projects”doesn’t sound like something a regular member would say.) I’ve had a couple of longtime ATers tell me she’s a known antisemite.

      Taken all together, the agenda there is obvious. After having been there so long, I was a bit broadsided, but it’s OK. If it’s going to be THAT kind of place, I want nothing to do with it.

      I hope you let me know if you hear from Jase/rif. The whole thing was so secretive and cloak-and-dagger – first he “wasn’t feeling well” and was posting less, then he just stopped posting – after what, 10-12 years? – and nary a word was said. Even if it was a private matter, FCP should have announced that Jase left, and whether he would be back (and that he’s OK, if he actually is.) Jase was one of the founding members and admin from the beginning. Saying SOMETHING would have been the correct thing to do.

      Thanks for the support. ❤

      • I was just told by a mate that I was cited incorrectly here and should drop by to correct that.
        No I am absolutely not a mod, and the post you have effectively attributed to me in yours was in fact made by one of the admins. It all seems to have got a bit muddled in your re-quoting. (Nor am I anti-Semitic, but I know there are those who have said, and still believe, I guess, that I am.)
        Just for the record, as I don’t want anyone thinking I have POWERS on there. Peace.

      • It’s taken from a copypaste of the post at the forum itself.

        It may well be a malfunction of the quote function, or a mistake: either mine, or someone further upthread. It did seem like an odd thing for a regular member to say. If it was my fault, you have my apologies. At this late date there is no point in investigating the original thread even if I could see it, as it’s been sliced, diced, and heavily edited by FCP. It was not my intention to put words in anyones mouth (though lord knows there were attempts to put a lot of words in mine.)

        But I can’t be certain that’s what happened. There’s a good deal of dishonesty and whitewashing afoot.

        As for the antisemitism, it was stated that it was only something I have been told – but I do have to question why you objected more to the Churchill card than the gratuitous swastikas, Hitler, etc.? The reason you cite was the bombing of Dresden, which, horrible though it was, was a justified bombing of a strategic target, a transportation hub and a major producer of armaments and military provisions.

        There is still misinformation circulating. These lies originated with Goebbels himself:

        And there is this:
        “But the commemoration of the bombings – which still scar the family histories of many Dresdeners – have also become a yearly attraction for neo-Nazis.


        “Because it is their identity. The history of World War II, cultivating the myth of Germany as a victim – this draws more people than migration issues,” says Gideon Botsch, a researcher into right-wing extremism and nationalism at the University of Potsdam.”

        And you’ve been pretty vocal in defense of that deck. So it’s not hard to see how people get that impression.

      • I realise it was a copy/paste error; that’s easy to do when one is multiquoting. I saw it soon after you posted, and was on my way to correct you when the thread was locked, and never expected it to show up anywhere else. No huge issue, just that I didn’t say it !

        By the way – the member’s handle is Geonetique, not Genetique as mentioned by Ruth – no link to eugenics at all; he’s been doing assorted totally non-controversial art for quite a while under that name. Just FYI….

        And I shan’t be back – but since you ask – I object to the Churchill card more simply because Hitler HAS been (justifiably) vilified etc – and Churchill – who was vile too, and heavily in favour of eugenics, by the way – is still revered and very rarely even criticised. I even have to look at the guy every time I have a five pound note in my wallet. I spend them as fast as I can, as the sight of him makes me feel sick. You don’t get Hitler’s image honoured on any currency in the world, as far as I know. I know people who write “war criminal” all over them. It wasn’t just Dresden (and it’s very questionable whether that was justifiable as strategic)

        – he was also responsible for the Black and Tans. Not every atrocity took place in WWII. Churchill deserves our disgust too, and that is rarely acknowledged. He was also racist:

      • I’m well aware Churchill was an utter dick in many, many ways.
        But he was key in wiping out a LOT of Nazis.
        It’s good when ANYBODY kills Nazis.

  4. Nice post, we don’t keep Swastikas in the house out of respect for Jewish friends and neighbors but in India you will see them quite commonly and they are not at all symbols of hate, but rather stand for good luck/prosperity.I did not know this until recently but it is also a symbol from an ancient Germanic religion and is found in other cultures too, with none of the modern-day purely evil connotations. 

    On a funnier note my 7 yr old nephew got in big trouble at his school when his teacher overheard him say “here comes hitler” , as she approached him and his friends on the playground to tell them to stop yelling, I mean that is what kids do when on the playground, they play, which includes yelling and screaming, at least that’s what happened when I was that old. 

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    • Hi Sham. Yes, at seven you can’t expect him to know Godwin’s Law. You might want to explain that. 😉
      I doubt his teacher warrants that level of hyperbole, lol. But there IS a time and place for the comparison. Mike Godwin himself tweeted, in regard to our current administration here in the US, “By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I’m with you.”

      In the context of a Hindu temple or a Buddhist monastery, a swastika is not cause for alarm. But this deck had a picture of Hitler standing tall and proud, with swastika and iron cross flags waving behind him. It looked like a goddamn postage stamp commemorating a hero, and I said as much there. And the Goebbels card was the same way, a full moon behind him with a big red swastika on it. The intent was obvious.

      A lot of this was addressed in the Barbara Walker part of the conversation.

  5. I never posted much at CF, have been going through some orthopedic issues/ surgeries and wont post when medicated. Im not at all politically correct on most issues , I gotta agree about dog whistles. Im sixty three, born and raised in NW Ohio, lots of alt. right and blatent fascist, sentimnt in this area. Its mostly hidden, but I knoiw of people still receiving NS literature from Germany. Im a nurse and frequently warn direct care staff about venturing out of this liberal college town into smaller communities as most of them are persons of color.Looking away, “being polite” is not a good idea.

    • I’ve never been to Ohio, but I’ve known quite a few people from there. As a rule, they’re friendly and fun-loving – until the racial and political attitudes come out. *shudders*
      I’m not saying that everyone in Ohio is a backwards nazi. Just that it does seem to be a common view there. Best to stay out of the boondocks as much as possible, I agree.

  6. Upon learning that the admin had revoked your membership, I immediately posted both an objection and issues that I felt had been overlooked. Unfortunately, in their response, the administration team decided to edit my original post removing much of what I said and proceeded to advise me that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semetism.

    To my horror the creator has received an apology from the admin and forum.

    No right-minded person could endorse that deck. It is both ignorant and offensive.

    The project is a continuation of a white nationalistic revision. It’s a common tactic to focus on the period between 1939-1945 to promote nationalist propaganda, and reframe the topic as a military conflict rather than an incident in a wider history of sociopolitical oppression and genocide. Brexit, rise of the far right and left, Trump, flaming anti-semetism

    The so-called artist’s entire endeavour completely ignores the widespread appeasement, America first, Japan-China tensions, et cetera.

    In addition, why did nobody read the creator for the insistence that it follow the RWS? Doesn’t this say something? Pandering to masses.

    Utterly repugnant. That deck has all the artistic and historical merit of an enema.

    • Thank you, Andy.

      The deck also has no practical merit. Ruth gave an example early in the thread, talking about someone asking a trivial question and drawing Hitler and Anne Frank.

      Tarot, by nature, is multilayered, with each card carrying facets of meaning. There is nothing “faceted” about what happened to Anne Frank because of Hitler and the Nazis. I don’t want to hear that “triumph of the human spirit” spin. She was slowly murdered. Her strength, brightness, and talent only serve to compound the pointless evil of it.

      Audrey Hepburn passed up the opportunity to play Anne in the movie. Anne’s father begged her to, and it would have been a virtually guaranteed Oscar, but she just couldn’t.

      Hepburn died in 1993. Many of us grew up among people who lived through those times, and we saw how they were impacted. For those who didn’t, there is enough written material, photographic evidence, etc. for any person capable of functioning to get an inkling that this is not a collection of trivia to be treated lightly. I can only conclude that those who are OK with this execrable deck and its “artist” are purposely turning a blind eye and cultivating a willed indifference to what happened.

      But I’m preaching to the choir here. Thank you again.

      As for FCP, he was one of the last people I’d’ve expected to cast his lot with the goddamn nazis. People saw that happen with their friends and acquaintances then, too. It’s all repeating, on the world stage and in personal interactions. The difference is that this time, people have a historical record to tell them EXACTLY where it leads. But they’re doing it anyway.

  7. The thing i haven’t written on the forum, but which stroke me immediately: whomever created that audacity of a deck registered with username GENETIQUE…

    While creating a deck with Hitler in it.

    One has to be more than nazi sympathizer to do so: the so-called “biological improvement” of the “master race” through eugenics is the very center of Nazi ideology; the term was later changed for “Humangenetik (human genetics)”.

    It’s disgusting that such an ENEMA as Andy puts it was allowed to be in the public view.

    I did also notice in the thread that splattering Swastikas across collage images not only wasn’t art, but was illegal in the best part of Europe. I also have my reasons to believe that the whole story behind the “creator” of this p*ece of cr*p is completely made up. They came up with a biography that was supposed to pull a few strings…

    Also, the rage and hatred in the OP’s replies very soon pulled down the mask of an ‘artist with tender feelings”. There aren’t feelings there, only poorly masked trollism of the neo-nazis.

    What I didn’t expect from some folks whom i thought knew better was: drawing the lines between Zionism and everything else. If you deny to Israel the right to exist – what do you call yourself? A philosemite?

    Have you thought as per why would an anonymous person, not familiar with Tarot, use Hitler’s image, plaster Swastikas all over and showcase that horror on a presumably liberal Tarot forum? He’s aware that very few, if any sane people will buy that deck. So what was his purpose?

    I believe: to disrupt the forum, as Cartomancers indeed are usually leftists. We did not openly discuss politics, but from scanning the threads it’s clear that majority of members vote for Democrats. And he/they/whomever hides behind that atrocity succeeded in that, thanks to naivete of some, thanks to some others not being around and thanks to questionable intentions of the few.

    But it’s only a battle (pity a nice hang out fell its’ victim), the war they can’t win.

    • This. ❤ I have nothing to add. It's a perfect and insightful summary of the intentions of that nazi shitbag.

  8. As per the handle/username: it’s an English speaking forum, the posts are exclusively in English and it’s only logical that most users speak English as 1st or 2nd language;
    and how is OE pronounced in British English? (Or even in French, per that matter?)

    It’s a diagraph (a pair of letters that make one sound) in both languages for goodness sake!

    I believe that much we are all familiar with linguistics… But one doesn’t have to be a linguist, it suffices to google “geonetique meaning” and you’ll get “Did you mean: genetic”

    Sorry, not sorry. In some other context, i might have missed it. But in combination with everything listed above which i shall not repeat, it should really be too bizarre of a “coincidence”… It’s rather an intentional misspelling.

    In the 1960s and early 1970s in the United States, leftists, sometimes used AmeriKa rather than America in referring to the United States; it is used as a political statement to this day. A hypothesis that the Oxford English Dictionary supports is that this was originally an allusion to the German spelling of the word, and intended to be suggestive of Nazism…

    Another common intentional misspelling is using the infamous KKK in the place of C in the same word as above, or in republiCan, or … I believe you (generic you) get an idea.

    Oh, and i’ve never heard anyone admitting to being “an anti-Semite”… Wishing to eradicate Israel all together with its’ entire population off the map? YES. Being an anti-Semite? Oh, NO, why would anyone think that? (Said, while shuffling a collage Tarot deck which contains image of Hitler and has Swastikas plastered all over it, created by someone whose handle is a play on word GENETIC…)

    I mean… C’mmon. “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.” (This is not aimed against anyone in particular, just saying…)

    • Yes. Dog whistles that, individually, are “plausibly” deniable – but taken all together, the intent comes through loud and clear.

      As for “creative” spelling: during the Jim Crow era in the American south, it was common to purposely misspell the names of small businesses with as many ‘Ks’ as possible. Thus, a sign might say “Kwickie Kleaners” rather than “Quickie Cleaners”. This was a signal that the business was owned by whites, most probably Klan members, and catered strictly to whites. It invited Klan members passing though town to support Klan-owned businesses. If pressed, the owner could deny it (“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s like ‘Kleenex.'”) But everybody knew.

      Dog whistles galore.
      Seeing Hitler (glorified) AND Goebbels (also glorified) AND swastikas AND “Geonetique” AND frothing-at-the-mouth hostility towards any feedback pointing out how offensive these things are, tells me everything I need to know about this hack “artist.” As for those who defend him, the duck analogy is relevant here.

      On a somewhat lighter note, I keep getting a mental picture of someone setting up a reading table with this deck in the town square, the way I used to see people doing outdoors at the East India Mall in Salem, MA, and the crowd passing by giving them a wide berth and the side-eye.

      • For what very, very little it’s worth, he’ been banned too because he was “rude to an administrator via PM” Well, I’m sure he’ll crawl out from under his rock again eventually. Name and shame, people. Name and shame.

      • Trouble in paradise? LOL. Posting gratuitous swastikas and flaming members is allowable there, but never, ever be rude to admin? Insane. But it’s still good news – one less platform for him to hawk that abysmal deck!

  9. Wow. I was pretty surprised and somewhat shocked to learn you’d been banned. Now that I know why, I’m absolutely disgusted! I’m off the forum for good, no question. P.S. I followed you on twitter.

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