Cards are the human condition and should not be “updated”

We were having an interesting discussion over at the Cartomancy Forum and I thought I’d post it here. Longish, meandering version: Donna Maritata

Short version: somebody wrote a bogus book (that will sell nonetheless, because there’s next to nothing in english) that “updated” the Sibilla’s Donna Maritata (Married Woman) to “Independent Career Women”.

And THAT, friends, totally loses the card essence.

She’s a person card, and she’s married or in a committed relationship (with a human, not a business), Giovine Fanciulla is young, Nemica is malicious, and so forth. Very simple. Cards that depict various livelihoods might describe her, but they could just as easily describe any of the other people cards.

Anyway, if you made her “independent”, you’d need another card for a stay at home mom, one for a woman drawing unemployment, one for a woman collecting disability, etc. And you’d have to do that with all the other people cards. Giovine Fanciulla as a working girl, a trust fund kid, a young kept mistress, etc. The damn deck would be a couple of feet thick. Just learn to read combinations. FFS.

Anyway, people go to jobs to get money. If a better job comes along, they leave and go to that one. We don’t give a shit about The Company – why should we? They don’t give a shit about us. Fuck them. We work because we don’t have a choice, other than homelessness.

And when we get home, we still have as much housework staring us in the face as a postwar housewife. We just don’t have the time or energy to do it as well as Mom did. (My generation’s moms used to iron sheets. SHEETS. I barely get to iron anything.)

I would certainly hope that everyone cares about their family much more than they care about some sociopathic corporation with no ethics, that just wants to work them down to a crippled up pile of nothing and throw them away like garbage.

Trust old Stella – it’s better to be nice to your kids than your supervisor. And never, ever assume that the Important Things have evaporated just because we’ve been forced into the workplace!

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  1. Faaaaahk. I’m a bit out of the loop these days (life) so please Stella, name and shame. I seem to have fallen off the forum list, again, and I want to be able to warn any of the bright-eyed noobs I come across who might ask about this book.

  2. I appreciate you no-nonsense approach to cartomancy, Stella. I looked at the book in question a few weeks ago and realized right away it was new age fluff. I’d hate to see Sibilla become a toothless new age oracle. Imagine a Sibilla deck with Unicorns in them….aaargh!

  3. The curse of self-publishing. I hate that they are starting to do to the Sibilla the same crap they did to Lenormand. I stopped reading Lenormand for that reason. Overnight experts writing crappy books and perpetuating bad information that damages years of tradition. *sigh*

    • Yes, it’s happening with Sibilla. Kippers, too. (Toni Puhle’s book is fine, everything else I’ve seen so far is the pits.)

      I still read Lenormand, but I have to tune a LOT out. Just today I had to explain to somebody that the Moon is not “fear”. (Their source for that was somebody called Anna K who made a deck and some hare-brained blogs and websites.) Lenormand broke in the english speaking world in 2011 or so, and I’m STILL having to tell people things like that.

      My best advice to anyone starting out is NOT to read everything they can find. Pick one or two authentic sources and ignore everything else.

      Virtually everything is tainted, with the possible exception of the Grand Jeu. That one complicated enough to scare the idiots away. But I don’t know how long it will last – Tarot is complex, after all, and look what they did to that.

      You were wise to concentrate on playing cards. Standard playing cards don’t have fairies and unicorns and big-eyed children on them, and tend not to appeal to the people doing the most damage!

  4. Reblogged this on Reading La Vera Sibilla and commented:
    Excellent article about the importance of understanding the cultural significance of a traditional fortune telling system. If you want an updated oracle, then create one yourself. When you try to update the existing archetypes of an established system, you destroy its power.

  5. I cannot agree more strongly with you on this subject. Thank you for taking the time to write this down – at least I know it is not just me facing this issue when speaking to others.

  6. So you did checked her books too, i was literally felt the same way as you, i bought her Vera Sibilla book guide (blue cover) and everything was a messy, no reversals too at all, i am so furious hahaha!

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