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I haven’t seen Andy’s blog in awhile, he’s marked it private. Now it has come to my attention that Matt Sybil has taken his Mirror of Cartomancy blog down. I wonder if he did that because he’s going to publish, or if he was just being plagiarized and got fed up? (ETA: Plot twist alert! Read the comments!)

This blog had all the meanings of the Italian Sibilla cards on it, in detail, and with reversed meanings, too. There was enough there to save you the price of the big Venturi book. There was also information on wall cards and other reading techniques. It was all there.

I hope he did this because he is going to publish a book, but I suspect otherwise. (ETA: Oh, IRONY!) I don’t know for a fact yet, but I very strongly suspect he got ripped off. People steal this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. It’s why I don’t put things like information on card meanings on my blog anymore either. I have a little older informational stuff like that, that I left up. It gets the most hits, but I’ve had to send out many, many DMCA notices. I’ve found it on other peoples’ blogs as well as copied into documents and uploaded to facebook groups, and always without credit. This is why I only blog things like deck reviews and rants now. Adding more would just mean more work, in perpetuity.

These people never cease to amaze me, pretending they know how to read cards. What do they do when somebody actually believes that and starts asking them questions? All they’re doing is ruining things for everybody else. I put the information out there free, to be shared, but the idea is to link to my blog, not copy it without attribution and claim it as your own, or repost it claiming you “don’t remember where it came from.”

ATTN: Plagiarizers: Attribution, please, or you may find a DMCA notice posted publicly in your blog comments or on your facebook group for all to see. I will kick you for this. And you will lick my boot, because that’s the kind of spineless thing you are.

Eric Hoffer was damn smart and interesting, and still very relevant BTW. More here

Information on how to send a DMCA here Attn: Bloggers


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  1. I’ve had the same over on my blog; some crazy stalker taking my content – so many DMCAs served she lost her account. It seems to be a problem again, after a fallow period, and it’s very sad that people still think it’s ok to use copypasta every where!

    Sad that good blogs are being shut down due to this :/

    I’m going to spam with a link to the group set up in order to help educate, inform and support in all instances of plagiarism; forgive me.

    • Thanks for linking to Pagans Against Plagiarism, and no need to apologise!
      I’d like to add that the group is not exclusively pagan. Everyone is welcome to join, and a lot of the stolen content that gets spotted and dealt with is not necessarily pagan – i.e., Tarot, etc.
      The more, the merrier – and the bigger the network, the more eyes we have.

      • As far as I know, we are the only group to be specifically focused on this subject too – some serial plagiarists have tried to give us a bad rep over the years, but we are still an active, growing group of creative people from all around the world.

        Sadly, we are needed :/

    • Scribd is the worst of the worst. In order to download anything, they require that you upload something. People see things they want and upload things they might not otherwise. It’s always full to bursting with copyright violations, I’d venture to guess that pirated material makes up the bulk of what’s on there. That site needs to be shut down.

      Good to hear from you – hope all is well otherwise.

  2. I wonder if the blog was taken down. I know there is an Italian author who claimed that large portions of his book were translated almost word for word from the Italian, and posted on the Mirror of Cartomancy blog in English. That has been a recent problem with Lenormand too. It can be difficult to know for sure who has the intellectual rights to all of the material that’s floating out there.

    • Yikes, Kaph, I hadn’t heard that. Well, it’s still relevant to what we’re talking about here – just with a different guilty party, if this is actually the case! There are some extremely litigious people in this world, but if it was truly almost word for word, then that tells you right there.

      Lenormand is positively infested, I agree. I dusted off my Sibillas to get away from all that – ha!

  3. WOW. Yes, it all makes perfect sense! I did notice that the quality of that blog was pretty uneven: the Sibilla stuff was great, but the little bit he had on Lenormand and Kipperkarten was dopey. The timing of the videos and the subsequent blog disappearance nails it all down. I’d even tweeted the little worm asking what happened and offering to help, but he’s obviously buried that particular alias.

    In the videos, Mr. Carfiero appears to just be talking about the Seven Card Spread posts. This is his book I wonder who the rest of the Sibilla posts were stolen from?

    Over the years, I’ve occasionally found material translated from other authors on the web. Sometimes it’s taken down, other times it’s allowed to stay, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone go to all the trouble of translating WITHOUT giving attribution. And then stick it on a free blog, just so he can bask in glory – under a screen name, lol. Whoever this Matt Sybil is, he’s a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

    I still like Lenormand, I just stay away from most of the people, lol. I don’t *think* Sibilla will ever get co-opted to that extent, but you never know. Eep.

    And thanks for this!

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