The Legendary Lenormand

The Legendary Lenormand by Carrie Paris

The Legendary Lenormand by Carrie Paris

Yes, it’s a novelty Lenormand – and it’s one of the very few I like. It’s not a deck made by some greenhorn who decided it would be a good idea to put a woman on the Snake card. THIS deck features a sepia photo of a dancing woman ca. 1920’s or so with four – count ’em, FOUR – snakes. There are people with roaring animal heads, the Clouds are a tornado, the Ship is a little boat with Batman in it (looks like Adam West! BIFF! POW! ZOT!), and there are bats all over the deck – the backs and the images.

In other words, it’s not TRYING to be serious, it’s purposely taking absurdity TO THE WALL. (Do people still say “high camp”? That’s what it is. High camp.) Which is not surprising, since it was created by Carrie Paris for the the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS). (I have read that BATS is the longest running Tarot gathering of its kind, but I suspect it’s the ONLY Tarot gathering of its kind.)

So it’s a fun novelty deck, good linen cardstock, and perfect for smaller spreads. Use it for your dailies while indulging in your beverage of choice from your BATS coffee mug. The deck, the mug, and assorted other goodies can be acquired at ThalassaLand on etsy, or, alternately, at the Daughters of Divination site, where you can get more information about SF BATS, as well.


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