Whitman’s Fortune Telling Cards

All your Whitman Card meanings right here. 🙂


The Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards were published by Whitman Card Games in the USA in 1940. It’s an art-deco deck, which reads a lot better than what you would first think. A couple of years ago, a modern version was printed, ‘Gypsy Fortunes‘ by Lady Lorelei. This set contained some rather odd meanings that she attributes to Camile Lenormand (who never existed). If you have that deck, these meanings should help you.

What follows is a mixture of the original meanings, and what I have found through personal practice (common sense, semiotics and inference, direction).

01. The Sun: The Sun represents good luck and success, which is greater the closer it is to the significator card. With the Keys, it represents the granting of the wish. Can diminish bad cards. Keywords: success; good fortune; dividend.

02. The Moon: If the Moon is far away from the…

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