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A good Lenormand practice group will limit the decks you can post to things like the Blue Owl, Carta Mundi, Dondorf, Glück, Mertz, Piatnik, and other reproductions of decks first published prior to 1950. To understand why, we need look no further than the very first card: the Rider.

The Rider is a well dressed man on a spirited horse. He looks well-to-do, and he’s hurrying to deliver some news himself, instead of sending a hired man, so it’s fairly important. His period clothing tips you off that the horse is his usual mode of transportation. What better to express the meanings of news, something tangible, a vehicle, speed, an athletic young man, a male lover, feet, knees, and ligaments?

In too many contemporary decks, this gets lost. Any person riding something will do, and you see jockeys, women, cowboys, polo ponies, people on bikes – some of the meanings are always lost, and in some instances the card isn’t even recognizable. I saw a deck recently that used a child on a rocking horse – it looked like a Child card. If you’re asking people to help you with a spread, at least use readable cards. And a kid on a rocking horse isn’t coming down the road to see you. A jockey isn’t going to leave the track on a million dollar racehorse to deliver your package or tell you Auntie Edna’s gall bladder surgery went well.

“But the Rider is fine in such-and-such deck” you say. And maybe it is. But if you go through the whole deck, there’s overwhelming odds that you’ll find some hinky cards. It’s not JUST the Rider! A lot of the new decks are cray-cray all the way through. And even if they get it right (there are a few that do), imagine the fallout when “Marilyn’s Lenormand” is allowed and “Carolyn’s Lenormand” isn’t. So best to keep it to old decks by deceased artists, lol.

Are all these old decks perfect? No, they’re not. I actually have one that shows a tank of goldfish on the Fish card. And that Mice card in the Glück – where are the Mice? But on the whole, old decks are a pretty safe bet for group discussion.


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  1. your title of this post reminded me of a question I have: I have read that in a 9 by 4 GT, the fifth column represents the fate line. If the Woman card is in the 5th column, what does that mean, or what is the significance of that?

    • That would depend on what, if any, special significance you give to the fate line. Usually, they seem to allude to a triggering event that sets off some of the other events in the tableau. Having your card there just makes you part of it.

      • This was a GT that I did shortly after my 29th bday on nov.28, 2014. It was just a general forecast until my next bday & my card fell in the house of The Moon…but since it was in the supposed fate column, I was wondering if there was any significance to that.

  2. And i agree: I refuse to even veer away from my tried and true Piatnik deck. having a child on a rocking horse as The Rider is ridiculously confusing. many of the decks are stupid and ugly lol, and even the few that are cute/aesthetically pleasing to look at still aren’t good to read with. in fact, I feel similarly about tarot cards (although I know most people won’t agree with me on that). fortunately, I find the artwork on the Piatnik Dec pretty and appealing anyway!

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