Small draw with the Grand Jeu

It’s been awhile since I posted any Grand Jeu, so here’s a short reading I did. Sharing with permission from the friend/client who is also a reader (identifying information removed, of course), so I’ve used some abbreviations: SI is “small illustration”, LI is “large illustration, and of course there are abbreviations for the playing card insets: 10H, 2S and KH.

Grand Jeu readings are available here:


Forecast for January, 10H, 2S and KH. Looks good, Hearts are in the majority and referring to home and emotional matters, but with a rough patch about midmonth from the Spade. It’s a low-ranking Spade, though, and not all that powerful. You have a mix of Marriage, the Trojan War, and the Unexpected cards here, so no overarching theme. Fortuna Minor, however, does appear twice and this is important. Small good fortune, things happen quickly. You’ll have to work hard, but it promises a good outcome. Possible abuse of power, but if you’re queasy about bad luck, don’t be, you’re protected. Help from other people amid all the changes.

Your first card is an alchemy card, talking about relationships, your guy. He’s looking at the retort and seems very satisfied, he’s happy with you. You can see the gold forming in the retort. The SI Right shows a lady embroidering, he admires your industry and your artistry. 10H with the 2S, he respects your wisdom, too, and comes to you with his problems. I don’t like the way the embroidering lady is sitting by the SI Left on the 2S, though. That’s about spite and revenge, the Saturn talisman is no joke. So it could happen that somebody tries to cause problems in the relationship out of malice. With the LI, the Greek princes consulting Calchas, seek advice if this happens. (Calchas was a seer, by the way, so seeking advice from the cards would be appropriate.) This is the spite referred to by Fortuna Minor. You can overcome it, but it will take some effort on your part.

The 2S, again, is central and underlines the importance of sound advice during this period. (It looks like an exceptionally accurate phase for readings, too – don’t hesitate to go with bold predictions.) The shield, swords and spear on the SI Right says again that someone is hostile towards you. With the Laws of Solon on the SI Left of the KH, the situation will be resolved fairly (if you’re not familiar with the Laws of Solon, read up on them here ). With the LI, the old scholar, wisdom and prudence will carry you through in business as well as personal matters. And KH in the results month.

I don’t see anything in this spread relating to children and so don’t foresee any pressing issues with your son, things should be OK there.

Your constellations are La Coupe, Castor, and Le Triangle, respectively. La Coupe is a cup, or crater (some people associate it with the Grail), with a hydra guarding it from a dishonest crow. So it’s a very nice constellation, but with a warning to keep things on the up and up:


Castor and Pollux are Gemini – that might be relevant. Castor is the mortal twin famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. (The immortal Twin is Pollux.) Now if you consider horse training, it’s about getting an animal that weighs a couple of thousand pounds to do your bidding. I think this says that “size” (or power) can be bettered by smarts. Good to keep in mind when dealing with bosses or bureaucracies.

Your last constellation, the Southern Triangle can be interpreted as the Trinity or the Three Patriarchs, with the scholar on the large image and next to Calchas on the neighboring card, it shows you’ve got some intelligent and somewhat powerful men looking on you favorably. Good for dealing with authority. The alpha star of the constellation is called Atria, suggesting an atrium, a hall or entrance, or large open space in a building, usually with a glass roof. This could be referring to a literal atrium, or it may just be suggestive of being able to come and go, and a big place full of sunlight that’s still protected from the elements, in other words, the best of both worlds. I think this spread ends well.

The flowers, according to Didier, are violet, seringat, rose of May, sempervivum, ribes, melostoma, lily of the valley, marshmallow, cherry leaves and fruits. I’ve read that Mlle. Lenormand used to prescribe the flowers in much the way a rootworker prescribes workings with various herbs, as something to rid oneself of bad conditions and draw good ones. So it would be beneficial to keep some of these around, wear them as essential oils, etc. during this period. Of course I don’t know that Didier has identified them all correctly, but some of them do seem to match, particularly the cherries.


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