Photoessay: Why Most Study Groups Aren’t Conducive To Learning


This is from the Tarotholics group on facebook, but they’re by no means the only ones – Aeclectic Tarot, Lenormand Cards Study Group, and numerous smaller places all follow a predictable pattern. Here is a classic example. (I’ve blacked out all the names for privacy reasons, but I’m the one with the yellow Benny Lava profile pic.) Observe:

First of all, a noob posts a seemingly innocuous question. In this case, it was “What crystals will greatly assist learning the Tarot?”

This is generally answered with common sense – in this case, several of us said that none of them do, you can only learn things through study and practice.

Then the new agers predictably start to roll up and express butthurt that anyone dare suggest that rocks can’t teach people how to read cards. At this point, if you don’t allow them to cow you, banning is probably a matter of minutes, so have fun with it and go down in a blaze of glory:

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Here comes the “MEAN” and “RUDE” accusations. PM’s are flying by now. “THEY QUESTIONED MY DELUSIONS!” You can’t see it, but they’re PM’img their friends to come dogpile you, they’re PMimg admin saying how you hurt their widdle fee-fees.

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Often, their lingo needs a bit of translating:

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If you haven’t noticed, no one has shown any substantial evidence that Tarot can be learned from rocks. All I’ve seen is insistence that there’s “no right or wrong” and variations on “If you don’t agree, STFU.” 😆

Oh, wait, here comes the “LALALALALA NOT LISTENING” ploy!

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Ah, here comes the censorship board to stifle the voice of reason, lol:

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After that, she attempted to turn it around by saying “DID YOU JUST TELL ME TO STFU?” (This is the person who was just bragging about their reading comprehension). I saw it in my notifications, but when I tried to click back over to the group, I already had my cool ban jacket:

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And that, my friends, is why you can’t learn anything at most of these online forums. They’re OK for sport if you’re bored, but people who are functionally sane and actually know how to read cards are usually long gone from these venues. 😆

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  1. You cannot reason with these people. If you can’t put the effort it, why bother? If you’re looking for a crystal to help the writing is on the wall.

    If you cannot invest the time, no amount of conducive prep-work (eating, hydrating, and fawning over the latest glitzy crystal) will help. This is common-sense: and if you haven’t got that, which most of those posting there clearly threw theirs out a long time ago, you will never be a reader.

    The big issue is they see card reading as the latest must-have and that will never make a good reader. The good readers are always the ones life s*** on or didn’t fit in and had to hone their instincts to live, and that is why they can turn the cards’ meanings into something concrete.

    I appluad your efforts here 🙂 Give it to the straight! If nothing else it’s funny to watch them cling to their ideals lol.

    • Thanks. 🙂

      There’s been some interesting commentary elsewhere, COMEDY GOLD, since deleted, of course. Some of these people think I’m a sock! 😆

      A.L.: Well there’s that. I just had to block someone on Facebook. They are in a group I am in and we are not friends nor do I follow them. I just found that I needed to clear my energy space. What the heck is up today, y’all? B.J., thank you for what you are doing to keep that space clean.

      B.J.: I have that particular person blocked too, but I can see her posts because I’m an admin in there. lol That person was removed from the group, by the way.

      A.L.: And that’s awesome news. I really think it’s a day to draw out our own assholeriness with the Sag sun and Cancer moon. I’m fighting mine pretty hard!

      B.J.: I like to think that I have my inner asshole locked down pretty tight today, But then again, I AM wearing my black tourmaline pendant… lol

      L.A.: I had to do the same thing. Thank you B.J. She drives me nuts, I’ve encountered her in other groups.

      A.L.: I wonder if she is someone else’s sock puppet. Has a similar feel…

      L.A.: Another great word assholeriness lol. I’m so sharing this word.

      B.J.: I know she has several sock puppets… and quite a few spies that report back to her as well. I don’t worry about it. Just keep on truckin’, I say.

      And this is PRICELESS. One of their supporters is Christiana Klanster:

    • I’d like to add that what’s happened is they’ve been allowed to appropriate All Things Cartomantic, and they think it’s their Rightful Turf and they call the shots. It’s a sense of entitlement. You have to remember that these are very priviledged, spoiled brats who can’t even handle the word “no” without pitching a tantrum.

      I completely agree that a person becomes a card reader when forced to live by their wits. A card reader comprehends reality because they’ve been beaten over the head with it repeatedly. Additionally, extended periods of trauma, pain, abuse and grinding poverty make a person more sensitive to subtle cues in the environment, which can appear “psychic” or “magic” to an outsider.

      They have money and position behind them and in most situations that would be enough to make us the losers. But we have an ace in the hole: they can’t read their way out of a wet paper sack.

      They’ve infested our livelihood, but while they may have all the material advantages, they’re weak. I intend to shove them hard and often. They make us all look stupid.

      • Note here who is the reader, and who the clients are:

        A person who has been without food for more than a day or two knows damn well that food doesn’t come from rocks or the Law of Attraction.

  2. My question to them might be, wtf would you do with the crystals to aid in learning to read cards? Plug them into every available orifice prior to burning sage while awaiting the full moon?

  3. Personally, I would rather be fed into a wood chipper head first than ever going on another cartomancy forum. I always get banned so the outcome is predictable. Why am I banned repeatedly? Good question? I guess I just can’t play nice with the seriously delusional who have never done much with their lives, and never suffered greatly and transformed experience into wisdom.

  4. LOl! I just read the exchange with Tali/Katz and Lauren about her deck. Seriously, those two should actually LEARN about what they are doing before A). Writing about it B). Talking about it and C). Threatening innocent people who HAVE done the work.

    Since someone politely pointed out months ago someone was bashing me on the AT forum (I’ve never once posted anything there!), I don’t have a FB page, and I only comment on blogs I like, I really don’t care if people find what I say offensive…because without saying anything, I became a Lenormand “Nazi.” So, if anyone who dares make silly comments about learning Lenormand from rocks, I will certainly give them the abuse they are begging for. And I am quite New Age-y to boot. An idiot is an idiot! These guys are the practitioners who tell people stuff that screws up their heads and homes and then they have to come to someone like me to clear them of it. I hate them.

    I heard a rock can tell you how to do brain surgery, too. I highly recommend they try it.

    • Haha, that’s a keeper. 😀

      And of course they bashed you at AT. When they don’t like something, they always make a passive-aggressive pajama party huddle somewhere else. They never call people out to their face – I could respect them a little if they did that, even if I disagreed. But they don’t – they’re too chickenshit.

      It’s fascinating, in a way. A bunch of middle aged women acting like third graders.

      • I don’t get it. The ONLY reason I even have a blog is because Andy encouraged me to get one as motivation for learning- I don’t seek likes on FB or pursue a following…I don’t even post regularly. The only thing I do is jump around to blogs I like and comment. So it is quite inconceivable. And the REALLY weird thing is that I am very New Age-y (I am a medium; I clear houses; I work with a group that investigates homicides) so they should have really looked at who they were bashing. Clearly, if you know traditional Lenormand in the USA, you MUST be a Nazi.

      • “New Age” tends to be a dumbed down, “ANYBODY can do this” thing. There were mediums long before there was a “new age”.

        As for “if you know traditional Lenormand in the USA, you MUST be a nazi” (according to them), I probably mentioned this somewhere already, but one self-appointed “expert” said that we were “perpetuating the Holocaust” by starting a facebook group that DIDN’T let just everybody in (in the beginning, we had prospective members do a test reading). She never attempted to join, most likely because she knew she couldn’t pass the test. So one less place for her to attention-whore and spam up with her youtube links. In her mind, setting a standard that she couldn’t pass to get into a facebook group is equal to the pointless and horrible deaths of millions of Jews, Poles, Roma and gay people.

        I’m sure it’s because we’re messing with their hustle. They pick up a deck and start bullshitting, but the fact that we have something real could conceivably screw that up for them. Hence the attempts at an organized smear campaign.

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