How NOT To Learn Lenormand


Here’s the best of what I’ve been seeing…THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT. ūüėÄ

1) You have all the meanings INSIDE YOU. Stay away from those stuffy traditionalists! Why, you probably know a LOT of these cards from your Tarot studies already. If not, just do the same thing you do with your Angel cards!

2) Make a deck!

The less you understand the system, the more “intuitive” it will be! Do it NOW! And get creative with it, the more stuff you add, the better! Innovate!

3) Concentrate entirely on books.

Never mind that it’s an oral tradition and the only known printed materials on Lenormand cards prior to the 1980’s are probably the little instruction books that came with decks. 19th century pulp cartomancy books are your friend here. Use playing card meanings for your houses.

4) Stay away from people who learned from their families.

Oral tradition might make you actually LEARN Lenormand, and we can’t have that, can we? Damn traditionalists. They just want you to work and stuff. 10,000 hours, my ass.

5) If you still happen to find yourself talking to hereditary readers, go out of your way to offend them.

Ask them to teach you and then tell them they CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. Have a tantrum if they criticize¬†a deck you like. Tell the guy who uses a lot of facing directions that the other guy said to do it by card order, and vice versa. Imply that their mothers, aunties¬†and grandmothers¬†DID IT WRONG.

6) Spend all your spare time looking for pictures of old stuff that’s¬†kinda-sorta¬†tangentially¬†similar to¬†Lenormand cards, or is similar to another thing that has an image in common with Lenormand.

This is a favorite Tarot pastime, and like all things Tarot, it should be imported to Lenormand. If you find a dish with a pair of birds on it, post it online, and then post endless pictures of dishes. If you find a door knocker with a fox on it, post it, then post lots of door knockers. The possibilities are infinite.

7) Write a book, offer a course, do workshops NOW.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t read the cards – HURRY, before everybody loses interest and moves on to the next big thing!


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  1. This is SO true! I am very tired of clip art, photos and adverts doubling as Lenormand cards. Those who perpetrate this kind of thing usually have little respect for the cartomancy and are more interested in cuteness.

  2. Fenn, You’ve been active on the online boards and forums sharing your knowledge of Lenormand since long before many of the current American authors and experts even heard of Lenormand. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years, and I’m truly grateful.

    I’m glad I’m not a newbie today having to wade through all of the conflicting information out there. Anyway… my point is when are YOU going to write a book???? That’s the book I’m waiting for!

    • Thanks…and you were right there, we’re contemporaries on that!
      As for a book, I don’t want to jinx anything but something *might* be in the works soon. Patience…and stay tuned!
      You have to write one too, BTW. There hasn’t been a truly great playing card book since Martello’s, IMHO.

  3. Thanks. Quite true, although if folks want to call their Lenormand-inspired small decks oracles of some sort, that’s fine. It’s the method of reading that’s the difference, and it takes time to learn. I like to use elements of the Lenormand method to inform and ground my Tarot rather than trying to turn Lenormand into another New Age intuition oracle.

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