The Magpie Oracle

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These days have been busy, but I have to stop and tell you guys about this one. It’s the Magpie Oracle, and it’s a Lenormand made entirely of little metal charms, infinitely portable (and it won’t be ruined if a little water gets on it!), so it’s perfect for summer. It comes in the tin pictured at the top of the post, with a Magpie amulet and a little pin, if you want to wear your combos and get your mojo working. 😉 It’s called the Magpie Oracle because Magpies love collecting shiny things, of course. And like all Corvids, they’re intelligent and good at problem-solving, so it all fits. The charms can fall at odd angles and clusters, so you can have fun bringing that to your interpretations, too. Maybe the Dog looks submissive on his back (or just wants a belly scratch) and happy to see you if he’s jumping on you.

You can scatter them on your card spreads and get lots of extra nuance and information. There’s tons of info here, but I’ll make this quick: see how the Letter charm landed almost EXACTLY on the Letter pictured in the card? Recent communication, very important! With Anchor and Fish, having to do with work and finances. I like the Bear there. 🙂 And look at how that hatchet (Scythe) is chopping the Owls up on the Moon card! Later that day I had a call drop. Mice by Clover, it was unlucky and on Moon, too much of that could affect my reputation, so now when the phone rings, I take it outside! I did this one on July 4th and it’s all playing out very quicky, so I got a VERY nuanced reading without throwing a Grand Tableau and waiting months for it all to happen.

Carrie Paris's Magpie Oracle on Lilac & Cherry Twilight Lenormand

Carrie Paris’s Magpie Oracle on Lilac & Cherry Twilight Lenormand

That’s what makes this different. It’s more than a simple novelty, it lets you do things you can’t really do with a deck. For that casting, I laid out the cards, then drew a few charms and (Carefully! Didn’t want them falling in the grass and getting lost) put a few on each card. Indoors and on a surface where they’re less prone to bouncing and sliding, you can just scatter them.

There’s a downloadable casting sheet (free!) at the link as well. It’s an 8×4+4 Grand Tableau template. But the casting sheet possibilities for this are endless, really. You could use an astrological chart. Thinking of travelling but not sure where to go? Cast them on a map. You can design your own casting cloths, if you want. I’ve been playing around with them on Bagua maps like this one. Lenormand Feng Shui! (Magpies connect Heaven and Earth in Feng Shui, by the way. All roads lead to magpies! 😉 )

And I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the fancy casting cloths that I know people will be making. 😀 This one is seriously not to be missed.


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  1. Thank you so much for your excellent review and always inspiring great ideas, Fenn. I’m now creating some new spread sheets with your above image in mind. So cool! I love how you are using the charms over your cards. Have you discovered any charms hiding under your cards yet? It happens and delivers a whole new set of “hidden” meanings. Thank you again!

    • Yes! I’ve had it happen a couple of times, as I was picking everything up to put it away. It says, “But wait!” Both times the messages were good. 😀

      Looking forward to the new spread sheets!

      • At times receiving a “but wait” is better than the “Aha!’ moments. Glad to know the messages were good. May they continue to be so. Thanks again, Fenn!

      • Thank YOU, Carrie! I’m having a lot of fun with this one, there’s always surprises.

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