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 photo Capture-7.jpg
 photo Capture-5.jpg
Birds and Clover from the BYO (Build Your Own) Lenormand

Jera Babylon Rootweaver has come up with a novel idea for a Lenormand deck. Of course, there’s a lot of new decks coming out these days, and lots of novel ideas ranging from clever to gimmicky to just plain silly, but this deck does stand out – in a good way!

She’s offering five variations of each card. You can choose according to your personal taste and make a 36 card deck, and chances are slim-to-none of anyone else having the same exact deck. The style is the same as her Vintage Lenormand, so if you have that one and there’s a card that rubs you the wrong way, or just got damaged somehow, you can pick a replacement from the selection offered here and it’ll blend into your deck seamlessly. You have the option to purchase just one card, or 36 cards, or 36 plus a few alternates, or take it to the wall and get all 180! It’s up to you, you have total control here.

And there’s good news for traditional readers. To be honest, I was expecting yet more “new” Lenormand, so I put these images to the acid test. I gathered my notes on details, orientation and semi-obscure Lenormand lore, and set to work trying to build the most traditional deck possible from the 180 images. I was deliberately over-picky, and I was actually able to put together a deck with more of the folkloric bells and whistles than you normally see in a single deck, even the classics.

The people cards are expressive and culturally diverse, and range from boho to blue collar to metropolitan. In the end, I chose the African couple. The Man appears to be gazing benevolently at someone out of the frame, and the Woman looks happy and bubbly. They lend a friendly, open vibe to the deck. And since they face different directions, the way they fall in a spread gives extra clues about relationship readings since they can face each other, or away.

Of course, you don’t have to do it this way. The BYO Lenormand offers near-limitless possibilities. A beginner could actually color code their positive, negative and neutral cards. Or a person could go for minimalism, since locating cards in a Grand Tableau is faster if they’re a little stark. You might see some things that resonate on a personal or sentimental level (and it’s very likely you will, retro images like these do evoke memories). Or you can just pick the ones you think are prettiest – but that’s a tough choice!

All in all, the process of putting a deck together is a fun exercise, and the result is all the beauty of an art deck coupled with the enhanced functionality of a deck customized to your personal reading style. The BYO Lenormand can be purchased here: http://rootweaver.com/products/#category=buildyourown-lenormand-deck-byo


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  1. Hi there,

    thanks for sharing and you are right: it is a novel idea. Almost like going to a tailors and having a garment fit to order. (I do find the price for a complete deck rather costly though. Even though from an artistic/made to order point of view, it surely is worth it.

    friendly greatings, Su Sa

    • Su Sa! Hi. 😀
      Yes, a LOT of these new decks are pricey. Just a few years ago, more than $6 was considered a ripoff. Those are the mass produced ones, though, and they’re still fairly inexpensive. These indie deck publishers aren’t making a lot of money off of it, there’s overhead to consider. The real profiteers are the speculators – the ebay prices on things like this are a horror show. I can’t afford to buy all these new decks either, much less extra copies to flip on ebay. Even if I could, I probably wouldn’t – I’d feel kind of sleazy, like a ticket scalper.

      This is probably why I will never be rich, haha. 😛

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