A little experiment

Theda Bara, "Salome", 1918

Theda Bara, “Salome”, 1918


If you’re here, you’ve probably been in a lot of card reading communities. I know I have.


And they’re war zones. Always the same conflicts. It’s not as simple as “We all like CARDS! We have SO MUCH IN COMMON!” 😛 I’ve become convinced that people who read traditionally, those who “innovate” and those who simply want to amass a house full of decks, the more the better, are at cross purposes. It’s been proven over and over that throwing everyone together doesn’t work.


What’s lacking is a place where you can just talk about reading cards in a fairly traditional manner, and not see neverending threads about what the mailman is bringing, how many hundreds of decks people have, or be shouted down/modded for telling someone that the Lenormand Scythe is generally interpreted as “danger” and it’s Not A Happy Card, or that pulling cards to find out “WHY HASN’T HE CALLED ME???” isn’t “spirituality”.


Off the top of my head, the only place I know of on the whole big wide net that truly offers this is Andy’s course. (HIGHLY recommended!) What’s missing is a more casual hangout for plain, old fashioned fortune tellers. So I made a forum yesterday.


I don’t expect a horde to show up, there might not be very many of us walking around in this world. And that’s OK.


Here’s the link – if you think it might be something you’d like, by all means come sign up. 🙂 Traditional Cartomancy Forum.


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    • We have a subforum for oracles that don’t use cards (like geomancy), and one for Grand Jeu Lenormand (which has geomantic signs on some of the cards). 🙂
      If there’s enough interest and people posting about geomancy, a dedicated subforum could easily be added.

    • Did you just register? I approved a new person just now (different name). If that’s not you, try re-submitting your registration. You’d be great to have there, I want to iron this out!

      Sorry about the approval process, it’s to keep the spambots out.

  1. I just submitted registration as lunajoon. I used to hang out (pretty quietly) under that moniker or just joon on Kaph’s board. Life intervened. I’d like to start learning again.

    Always liked your no-nonsense approach, Fennario.

  2. Hi Fenn! Remember me from Kaph’s forum?

    I’m a fan of yours and look forward to participating here. Just tried registering but not sure if it worked… Might have to try again.


  3. Fennario THANK-YOU. I hadn’t heard about the forum due to current adhoc net. But this is so very needed – I’ve stopped posting on forums now, unless I’m specifically asked to do, as if you come from the wrong angle (emphasise tradition, even question context, or non Jungian-Freudian-In my head/well for me it means relativism) you’re a bully and/or wrong.

    Thank you for doing this.

  4. Fenn! It’s Téa… hope you remember me as it’s been ages since I was last around, so to speak. :\ I’m so glad to see you’re still around and posting awesome posts! I’ve missed you and the crowd of card readers, though I couldn’t help but chuckle over this post – I guess the search for THE forum is still ongoing? Which, of course, means I’ll be hopping over to register if you’ll have me. 🙂

    I’ve been browsing around and checking up on what’s Lenormand gone to since I went away, and I’m a bit boggled by the scene. D: I tried to check out the course you linked to (because lordy I’m always interested in a good course), but it requires membership to get in and I can’t find out how I should go about doing that. Can you help?

    Anyhow, sorry for the lengthy comment. I’m just happy to see you still posting! 🙂

    • Of course I remember you!!!!! I’m surprised you remember ME, haha! It’s aweome seeing you back! 😀
      And OF COURSE I’ll have you – register!

      All you need to get into Andy’s course is a wordpress account – you don’t even need a blog, just an account so you can sign in. Then you request course membership and he approves you. Tell him Stella sent you! 😉

      • You’re kinda difficult to forget, Fenn. ;D Yay! Registered and shall drop in soon. I feel a bit lost after being away for so long, but I’m so glad to see things still moving along.

        Thanks for the tip about the course – just sent in a request. Would have loved to send a holler too that you sent me, but there’s no place for me to even send him a message. Hope he’s not gonna take a look at my empty wordpress account and reject the request. D:

      • He won’t reject anybody for not blogging! He’s cool. 😉
        And very generous to make all the info available at no charge – it’s actually BETTER than the stuff you have to pay for. He’s expanding the course, too, I’m starting to see bits on (predictive!) Tarot, astrology, and other decks like Kippers, etc.

        Forum account approved. See ya there! 😀

  5. Hi Fennario:

    I swore that forum participation for me was over. Then…………I wanted to post on Aeclectic Tarot forum (yes that one) about a new Lenormand course by Claire Seifert. While I was there, I decided to look around and make a few observations on other threads. I lasted less than 4 days, and then I was terminated. As a traditional reader, some loved what I had to say, and some pretended that I was the demon from hell. They said I was bullying, and being disrespectful toward the Doyenne of Tarot (no I don’t name names…….well, sometimes I do, but perhaps not this time). In my opus I quoted George Bernard Shaw: “If you tell the truth and you don’t make them laugh. they will kill you.” Immediately deleted by the mods and they banned me. You know the old saying: You aren’t a good reader unless you have been banned by Aeclectic tarot forum.

    So, I just registered with you new forum, for traditional readers. If you let me in, maybe you folks will enjoy my comments, if not. This really is my last hurrah for cartomancy forums.

    • Hi. 🙂 Happy to let you in, but that forum isn’t active – I like the BB format, but facebook gets a lot more traffic. So this is where things are happening, and you’re more than welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/497047037030760/

      And yes – AT exists to sell decks and get people to click Solandia’s aff links. God forbid anyone there actually knows how to read cards!

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