On Lenormand Fluency

It’s generally said that a person has to study Lenormand for 5-7 years in order to achieve fluency. Some people are taking issue with this, but let’s look at the definition, shall we?

Definition of FLUENT
1 a: capable of flowing: fluid
b: capable of moving with ease and grace (the fluent body of a dancer)
2 a: capable of using a language easily and accurately (fluent in Spanish) (a fluent writer)
b: effortlessly smooth and flowing: polished (a fluent performance) (spoke in fluent English)
c: having or showing mastery of a subject or skill (fluent in mathematics)

Lenormand is a language. A few months or a year of study will give you some ability to use it, but it will be comparable to taking a language in school or hanging around native speakers picking it up for a similar period of time.

Let’s look at it from the other side, listening to someone who is learning English. (And this is NOT intended to belittle anyone, it’s a stage in the learning process). They can use it to communicate a lot of basic things, but the grammar and syntax is off. They might say “Joe no more here” for “Joe doesn’t live here anymore”. And while they might understand a lot of things you tell them, there’s a lot of words they don’t know, and you’ll find yourself doing a lot of pointing and pantomiming. Their speech might be peppered with words in their home language (Tarotizing, anyone?) They struggle, they get things wrong. Generally, though, they’ll continue learning. They WON’T dig their heels in and insist they’ve got it already. They know that doing that is where learning stops.

So yeah, 5-7 years. There’s no shame in not having that under your belt, just keep studying! 😉

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  1. yep yep… just because ya read the handbook, took the car out for a drive, have the instructor seated next to you while on the road, does not give you the qualifications to be considered an experienced driver. It still takes 5 years. 🙂

  2. I hear you, but i usually stick with the 10.000h rule – up to the student how they’ll spread ’em 😉 Some can take a Sabbatical away to “deal with” Lennies and of course they’ll make way faster progress then someone dabbling with the cards merely twice a week … Also, as Dan Pelletier likes to point out – mileages vary, it is important whether someone has previous Cartomancy experience or is touching the card first time ever. But, in general i agree – no shortcuts, Cartomancy – if it’s going to be done seriously, is quite demanding; if reading for others – one is interfering directly into their destinies, choices they make and what not, it’s a huge responsibility and it does bear consequences; to get in a good place with all of it does take time. (Of course, if reading for oneself exclusively – one can start yesterday, there i believe one learns while doing, no regrets, no strings attached… albeit that too requires certain psychological stability and emotional maturity.)

    • Sounds about right…though it would be impossible for me to tot up the hours. I tend to alternate between periods of intense study and immersion, then moving on to something else (or just goofing off, LOL) and coming back.

      When I first found this stuff, I was trying to learn Lenormand, Grand Jeu, Italian Sibilla and Biedermeier/Ziguener Wahrsagekarten ALL AT ONCE…hit a wall, burned out, came back, picked up Kippers…things have been practiced almost exclusively, set aside and picked up again, it’s too messy to calculate the hours, LOL. 😀

      I tried to do the math…if you average about four hours a day (and that sounds about right) it’s 6.84 years (if I did that right…) 🙂

      • Not to mention UNlearning a lot of Tarot stuff and finding more effective stuff…still doing that, the noise-to-signal ratio around Tarot is appalling. The same thing is happening with Lenormand now. 😦

      • I did the math long ago, but basically it’s 3y of doing nothing else or 4y -5y of intensive 3-4h a day study & practice… more or less – as much as it takes to do a Uni, and that’s the truth – whether peeps like it or not 😉
        (for pros – for enthusiasts it’s all another story :))

      • Whatever it is, Ruth, it’s a lot.

        And as if there wasn’t enough willful ignorance in this sad old world, I’m starting to hear new people talking about “artistic genius” and the like, and using it as an excuse not to study while purporting to “teach” and create “Lenormand decks”. What they neglect to mention is that every artistic genius learned their craft inside out first. Like Nietzsche’s camel (and Nietzsche’s not my favorite, but I do like the camel story), you’re only as strong as the load of teachings you accepted in the beginning. It’s only after doing this that the camel can transform into a lion. And a weak lion isn’t capable of slaying the dragon of “thou shalt”. People like Picasso and Miles Davis were lions. (Note to noobs: Purchasing decks doesn’t make you Picasso or Miles Davis.)

  3. Hi Fennario ,
    I fully with your view point here .For me this urge of learning never ending proccess. Feel like i need to learn more and more and always there come accross some thing new which is very very educative……..
    here I would like to seek your guidance as I am learning Lenormand and takes out one card every morning .
    Now my question is how do we take the meanings of single card as positive or negative ?
    Like ‘whips ‘ proved for me hot arguments with my son every time i got this card .
    and ‘Cross’ an actual death of mother if my friend and went to funeral place.
    abd there are so many other examples like this good as well as bad.

    Asday’s energy comparitatively lesser or at full volume of the meaning of cards .
    Like for ‘Scythe’ and for other cards too ,some times get confused.
    Please need your views and guidance.

  4. Hi Fennario , pleased to know that you have recognized me after a long break . yes i did have health problems but was in touch with Kapherus as well as with others but it was per chance i could not be in touch with you. But now I will be in touch with you too,
    Thanks for sending the blog for my guidance and learning more……

  5. Hi Fennario
    I tried to sign up for your forum but I am not sure you received it. I like your style-direct and to the point along with keeping it genuine. Look forward to hearing from you. Michele

  6. Hi Fennario,
    I can’t agree more. There’s so many ways of saying something in Lenormand! It is just like any other language.
    I never read tarot, so I come to Lenormand with fresh eyes. I’ve studied everyday for at least an hour for the past 3 years and I consider myself “intermediate.” Anyone who thinks they can get it right away is kidding themselves. Each day I learn a new “word.”
    Love your blog!

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