Pot, Meet Kettle


Sometimes you see articles with instructions on finding a good reader and avoiding frauds. Some of them are quite good. Others are the bottom of the barrel, like this one, which essentially says you should choose a reader by ethnicity. Has anyone seen this? (warning: EXTREMELY offensive content) http://tarottrends.com/content/clear-line-sand

Ms. Gaudet states:“I, myself, own a gypsy costume – sometimes clients require it. When a client requests it, we don’t have much choice.”

If a client asked her to wear blackface, I don’t imagine she’d have a problem with that, either.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, the link is crammed with worse: bigotry, libel, and nazi rhetoric about predatory “neon gypsies”, amid claims that she’s “ethical” because she has “Tarot certifications”. I won’t quote any more here, it’s all in the link if you can read it without throwing up.

It doesn’t take much googling to find tons of scandals and pyramid schemes attached to the Tarot certification racket. From http://www.tarotcertification.org/ :
Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader Examination (CATR)© 50.00
Certified Tarot Reader Examination (CTR)© 50.00
Certified Professional Tarot Reader Examination (CPTR)© 50.00
Certified Tarot Consultant Examination (CTC)© 75.00
Certified Tarot Master Examination (CTM)© 75.00
Certified Tarot Instructor Examination (CTI)© 75.00
Certified Tarot GrandMaster Examination (CTGM)©100.00
At one point, you have to verify that you’ve qualified students for at least 25 certification ranks. Which is a minimum of $50 per rank.

Who’s scamming, again?

Follow the money: what this is, is essentially a cartel discussing how to use sham certifications and standards to destroy business rivals.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Fennario. I’m ashamed to say I let this woman really upset me once, and I know her article really upset my mother. I reported it to the ATA who said they were unable to do anything, despite the fact that her article clearly relies a lot on her certifications from ATA to acredit her higher status than these “thieves” and “scammers”.

    She’s a disgrace: a racist and bigot. And those are two traits that really will undermine her ability to read – how can you, with such bias?

    • She’s appalling. And by tolerating this kind of thing, the ATA are conducting themselves like “good nazis”.
      This garbage needs to be called out LOUDLY and OFTEN.

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  3. Hi, Fennario! Left a longish note on Andy’s most recent blog. You really let Gaudet have it with both barrels over in the comments to her blog. She’s sticking to her defensive wall, though, which figures. Any recommendations you may have as to Tarot or divination-related blogs or organizations to avoid (or alternately, to promote or join) would be appreciated. I often find it more useful after the kind of long and disappointing debate at Gaudet’s blog to find other ways to maintain my integrity by making sure I’m not promoting anyone or anything that either espouses hateful, fear-based views or sits by and does nothing about them when they have the power to do so. Thanks!

    • Any of the blogs on the sidebar here should be free of Gaudet’s lunatic white supremacy rhetoric.
      As far as organizations go, I’m really not a joiner…Andy said on his blog the ATA and the Tarot Guild are complacent in the face of this hate speech (he wrote them annnnnd…nothing), so I wouldn’t have anything to do with those, and I’d advise taking every opportunity to warn others.
      TABI, as far as I know, should be OK. As I find out more, I’ll post. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks! I’d heard not-so-good about the Guild before this incident. Joined TABI a year ago and it seems the best org. I don’t join things like I used to, but TABI’s been a very good resource for learning. They tend to favor the “spiritual-psychological” approach to cartomancy, like most Tarot places these days, but they are also inclusive of more traditional cartomancy and seem nonjudgmental as an org. Might come from being in Europe, for one thing. I sense an openness to all things divinatory/cartomantic over there in contrast to the U.S. I could always brush up on my French and German and get acquainted with cartomancy on the Continent. 🙂

  4. Oh, and thanks for including my Lenormand blog here! I’ve been kinda quiet over there while I finish up my lessons and whatnot for Tarot. Need to pick a lesson source to finish my work on the 3X3 and learn the GT.

  5. Fennario’s exposure of this racket and the ATA’s and Guild’s failures is most welcome… thank you. There is far too much ethics-free “education” in the world of Tarot. Semper caveat emptor.

    There is just no need for organisation in Tarot at all in my eyes. Simply find a good teacher of the true Art and learn, either from their books or in person, with determined consistent study and practice. The idea that some form of institution and standardised formal certification helps in any way is blown apart by the very popularity of all these filthy scams. Tarot is just far too easy to fake and the high ignorance amongst Tarot-lovers makes for facile false authority from cold-hearted confidence tricksters.

    It seems like the less depth, erudition and truth in a blogger’s musings on Tarot the more popular their sites are! Very sad. Old school Tarot is nearly dead under the deluge of “Fairy Fortune” taroesque cards and New Age twaddle, the “serious” side of Tarot scholarship being cornered by the crafty conmen and crazies from the Golden Dawn.

    TABI are in no way much better than any other org that emails professional readers with demands that we pay for their certification to read Tarot. I have seen such a pathetic shakedown attempt with my own eyes and the reader has it saved for the record so nobody can contest that fact. Shows how stupid they are to have sent such obscenities when they first started up. They have no authority, little experience and rubbish knowledge and reading ability. Just a greedy cult of powerhungry parvenu ignorami, fleecing and misleading people interested in Tarot who know no better. Sorry, Muselady11, but you have been conned.

    People ought to learn what is, reality, rather than what someone claims it is.

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