Attn: Bloggers


In recent months, several blogs I follow have had content stolen. In addition, someone tried to publish an entire e-book using content from someone else’s book. And it was happening long before that, but the recent surge of interest in Lenormand has exacerbated it.

If you see plagiarism, report it. I don’t mean to sound like McGruff the Crime Dog here, but a person’s work is their own. Even though they give the information freely on a blog, they also deserve the credit, the rep and any reading fees generated by blog traffic.

So alert the author or blog owner, if at all possible, and share this link with them (for wordpress – alter as needed)…there’s links to downloadable form letters, everything needed. You might send a Cease and Desist letter yourself, as well, changing the wording of the form letter as appropriate. You’ll find additional info here.

You won’t be wasting your time and effort, response time is generally prompt and the plagiarized content will be removed.

If you’re in a group or forum, let everyone know the original source of the information as well. The person who stole it isn’t a reliable source, they’re often morons and they’re fronting off like someone else’s knowledge is their own, or that they’re privy to something and getting it from their “notes”, when the original blog still exists, if only on the Internet Archive.

And if you see something awesome and want to quote it, give attribution. Don’t copypaste the whole thing, consider Fair Use. Or just LINK to it. Thanks. 🙂

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