Lennies Revolution GT

The Lenormand Revolution by Carrie Paris and Roz Foster. The deck is available here while they last (hurry!) and there’s an iOS app and ebook coming soon.

The cell phone photo above doesn’t do this deck a shred of justice. Do yourself a favor – click the link and look at that gorgeous art! The deck is stunning and the images are from the French Revolution and the American Revolution. The stock is good, the tin is hinged and has a little window, and the LWB is one to keep (thanks for the mention, Carrie! And everything else, you’re amazing!) since the keywords are fully functional and time-tested.

I’ve been throwing 9 Squares since it arrived, but this is the first Grand Tableau I’ve done with it. I’m going to share a bit of it with you guys here – I’ve shortened it some to avoid tedium (and putting personal information on the vast infobahn), but this should give you an idea of how I like to read GT’s. If you’d like to follow along, I’m using the simple steps that Chanah wrote here. Of course people have different ways of doing it, but it’s important to do it methodically, step by step so you’re not just looking at a big smear of cards thinking it’s too much for you. A routine is one of the best tools to keep in your GT hip pocket.

The corner cards are the major theme of the reading, the boundaries, and here we have Book + Garden (public knowledge) and Letter + Tree (correspondence regarding medicine and health). I’ve been dealing with an injury and talking some online about how I’m treating it (a Chinese patent medicine called Yunnan Baiyao, it’s wonderful, google it if you aren’t familiar with it.) Additionally, a friend of mine in another city was injured around the same time and this has me worried. So all of this fits as a theme for what’s happening right now.

The first three cards laid out horizontally are a direct message to me. They are Book, Moon and Ring. Something that was secret (or at least unnoticed) is coming out, but it’s ok. It brings honor, recognition and partnership. I’m not sure what this is yet, it could be a couple of things, but I’m liking this so far.

Now let’s get the worst of it out of the way. I’m going to look for the Scythe, Coffin, Mountain, Cross, Clouds, Mice and Fox (if the Fox is falseness and not cleverness here) and see how they relate to the other cards. The Scythe is in the house of the Tree, showing my health issue. It’s cutting at the Fish, indicating a danger of monetary loss. And it’s by my card diagonally (this deck comes with an extra Man and Woman – today I chose the embattled Molly Pitcher, but there’s the Empress Josephine for easier days) so I need to exercise care in general over the net few days. The Coffin follows the Scythe and ends the danger quickly, but it’s followed by the Clouds. Coffin in the house of the Clouds ends some of the dreariness, though. I like it when the bad ones cancel each other out a bit. The Mountain is down at the bottom reflecting the Clouds (ugh, these don’t cancel, they compound each other) and it’s a blockage between the Bouquet and the Bear. I think what it means here is that the pleasantness of the Bouquet is dampened by my own blocked (Mountain) strength (Bear), in other words, I can’t do all the things I would like to be doing at present. The Mountain is in the house of the Fish, as well, so the cards are saying that money will come slowly or be delayed somehow. I hope this is only referring to the bank holiday tomorrow! The Cross is the first card in the second row, it shows minor pain and suffering since it’s described by the Child, “a little bit”. It’s in the house of the Scythe. Reading it as Scythe + Cross, the danger has passed since the blade points away, this is just a not-fun recuperation stage and a bunch of nasty twinges. The Clouds are in the Snake’s house, so a female friend could be having problems as well. Additionally, the dark side is facing the Lilies. Since I don’t have any STD’s, I’m interpreting this as “no sex”, haha. The Mice are over the Man’s head, so he’s worried about losses. And they’re in their own house, so this emphasises them, it’s not groundless worry. The Fox is there at the end of the third row. It’s in the house of the Letter so I need to watch out for false communication. It follows the Tower, though, so any sense of isolation I’m feeling is false, it’s just cabin fever. This could also be a warning to be careful of false statements from people in positions of authority.

Now back to Molly Pitcher (the Lady), it shows what’s going on around me. Besides the already mentioned danger of financial losses, I’m preoccupied with a friendship (Dog) and partnership (Ring). I can always get more money but friends are irreplacable. I don’t like the Scythe hanging over the Dog, but it’s a danger, not an irreparable done deal, so I need to be attentive to friends. I’m in the House of the Child, so new beginnings. All this flux could lead to a good place, I just need to stay on the monster and ride and see where it goes. 😉 Whips + House, discussions about (and possibly problems relating to) housing, and the Crossroads show a recent decision. This makes sense, it all has to do with a move.

For money, I locate the Fish. It’s in house 4, the House, and I’ve already covered the Scythe pointing at it. Love would be the Heart, you can see the mix of good and bad around it, there’s a really nasty cluster above it. But the Rider brings news of success (Sun) so I’m going to hold on to that. And it’s in the house of the Stars. Lucky love! For work, I find the Anchor. There it is, just before the Heart, in the Bear’s house. Strong. It shares some of the same nasty cluster that shadows the Heart, with the addition of the Mice on the lower left diagonal, but it shares the good cards too and it’s very nice to see it by Heart + Sun. Again, a few ugly bumps coming up, but I think if I am tenacious and ride things out, everything will turn out well. Health would be the Tree. It’s bordered by Clover (fast luck), Ship (travel here, I think) and Stars. Stars could be clarity about treatment, they could also be prayer (it doesn’t hurt 😉 ). It’s in the house of the Man and it reflects the Garden. There’s an event I want to travel to at the end of the month, and I think that not only will I be healed enough to do this, it’s actually motivating me.

Now the Key card – it’s certainity. It’s in the house of the Lilies (sex, harmony, social welfare), so that’s good to see. It’s followed by the Snake – this could be a very bright lady impacting my situation or just a detour of some kind, this one is a wait-and-see thing. The Key’s house (33) has the Bouquet in it, so something VERY nice is certain to happen, an invitation or gift. With the Mountain after the Bouquet, it won’t make everything perfect but it will certainly be fun and I intend to enjoy it.

I may have already made this post TL;DR so I’m not going to type up all the horizontal, vertical and diagonal combinations, but you get the picture. I just want to mention knighting – my card knights to the Moon, Coffin, Ship, Rider, Key and Man. They can be read in a string like that, as well as read in combination with the Lady. The knighting alone in this spread could fill up another blog post. And there’s other techniques, like counting. But the basic gist of the spread is covered here, the rest is detail. You can spend a long time on a GT, but the main messages can be easily had in under an hour.

Now I’m off to jam out to Revolutionary Ways by the Sir Douglas Quintet. Leave me a comment! 😀


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  1. Hope that your motivation and prayers work and you’re up and about for the event at the end of the month. Thanks for a nicely explained look through the first steps of your GT 🙂

  2. thank you for this! i’m still having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of combining a card with BOTH the house it’s in AND the card next to it…

      • so, do you combine it first with the house it is in and then with the card next to it (or above it, diagonal, whatever, you get the idea…)?

      • You don’t have to string your house combos. With this spread, the Rider is in the house of the Heart, so it’s Heart + Rider, but not Heart + Rider + Sun or Mountain. I read the Rider as part of a longer sentence in the horizontals, verticals and diagonals, but the houses as free-standing combos. Is that what you meant?

  3. New reader!

    I loved this. I read my GTs differently, and will most likely report back to show you how I do it in case you can find time to give me pointers.

    The houses are interesting! Do you relate the houses of the card to keywords you have settled yourself for the cards, or did you get them from another source? Just out of curiosity.

    I hope you are feeling better now. Enjoy the event!

    • Looking forward to your input. 🙂

      I use modern German keywords for the houses, the same ones I use for the card themselves. So the Rider card would be “news, speed, personal transport, a young man”, and so would first house.

      It avoids redundancy because the combos are ordered “house + card that lands in the house”. Rider + Coffin is somewhat different from Coffin + Rider, and so on.

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    • There’s some great links in the sidebar for this, have her check out “The Grand Tableau”, “Andybc ~ myfortunae” and Malkiel Rouven Dietrich’s videos. 😉

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