Books by AndybC

We will not only have a Lenormand book in english soon, we will have what I suspect is the BEST book. Andy knows Lenormand inside out, and as we know from his course and blog, he’s great at explaining things.

Not only that, it’ll be great for more advanced readers as well as beginners, and it’s very affordable. No excuses – do not miss! 😀

Books by AndybC.


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    • Sure…I’ve got enough, the tough part is for it not to look plaigarized…how many ways are there of saying “the Rider brings news”? Plus the fact that my reading style sticks so close to Chanah and Treppner, and now Andy. Don’t want to write anything that could be perceived as ripping off friends, but if I change ANYTHING but the wording (other than to add personal anecdotes) it would throw the whole thing off.

      Been thinking about this carefully for a long time…the answer will come when the time is right. 😉

      • well, one thing i’d like to see more writing about is different spreads AND how to interpret the traditional ones we already know about, if that makes sense. with tarot you can Google “tarot spreads” & you could probably pull up literally 1,000 different spreads…lenormand, not so much. i’m constantly hunting for new ones. i found your site a while back on Helen’s lenormand blog & i loved your simple straightforward explanation of the 3×3 spread! alot of websites make it seem much more complicated than it has to be.

  1. I can explain how they work, but I really don’t use a lot of different ones! I like groupings of cards rather than CC style spreads where every position means something. I do like spreads with fans, though…I’ll see what I can work up. 🙂

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