A Bag For Your Travelling Deck

This is a bag I made six or seven years ago that wears like iron. It’s more time consuming than running a bag up on a sewing machine and I don’t make them to sell because of that, but it’s really worth making for yourself. You don’t need to be good at crocheting, either. It’s all plain old double crochet all the way.

First, you’ll need a hook and some 100% cotton doily thread. You can find this pretty easily in most stores that carry knitting supplies, and it comes in lots of colors, not just the dark blue shown here or yellowed white like grandma’s doilies. If you’re really good with needlework, you can do contrasting colors, patterns, etc. I only stayed with solid dark blue because I suck at it, but it still turned out great. 😀

First, you do the gusset. Make a strip as wide as your deck is thick, plus a little extra for the joining seams. (I made this gusset double wide because sometimes I like to carry a deck of Kippers along with my Lennies.) Make it long enough to cover the bottom and sides of your deck, plus enough extra length for the drawstrings.

Then you do the front and back. Again, as big as the face of the deck, plus a little extra on the sides and bottom for where you join the pieces, and a little more extra on top for the drawstrings.

Now join it all together.

Now plait or chainstitch (your choice) a couple of drawstrings, thread them through, and knot them. You can add beads, charms, whatever you want. The moonstone on this bag is an old earring that lost its mate a long time ago.

This might be the last bag you’ll ever need! The one shown here has outlasted the first deck I kept in it. It goes in my purse everywhere and shows no signs of falling apart. It’s totally washable, too.


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