GJ Sample Reading – Quick Line of 5

This is part of a reading for my friend G, used here with permission. She is hoping to move and wanted to know if it would happen soon.


We have two Marriage cards here, so a lot of the when and where in this situation is dependent on a partner. Plus you have the male significator there. Other than that there’s a Trojan War card and an Unexpected, so there’s problems at the present time. I’m not saying you won’t move ever, that would be nuts. It’s just too hard to do it yourself right now.

Anyway, the cards are 8 of Clubs, 5 of Clubs, 7 of Hearts, Male Significator and the Queen of Spades.

And I don’t like the last card, it shows up when things fail. Osiris was killed by his brother, so there may be an element of sabotage. What I’m thinking is V
or somebody might try to help you move, but the plans will fall through. The man filling the oil lamp says not to give up hope, give it some time.

The 5 of Clubs and the 7 of Hearts show some bad blood, I’m guessing between men (Paris and Menelaus). There may be meetings and happy times on the surface but basically they don’t like each other very much and that’s going to come into play in this situation.

Your geomantic signs are:
RUBEUS (RED) Passion. Vice, temper. Sexuality. This is a warning for caution and a need for retreat. Negativity and upheaval. Stop and listen to your inner voice to find the correct path to follow. Good in all that is evil, and evil in all that is good.
Associations: Mobile, Mars, Scorpio, Tuesday, Water, Genitals and Reproductive System

LAETITIA (JOY) Joy, laughter, happiness, good luck, delight, beauty, good health, harmony and peace of mind. Favourable for almost everything. A secret is revealed. Agreement.
Associations: Mobile, Jupiter, Pisces (Agrippa: Sagittarius), Thursday, Water, Feet

So it will end well eventually, it’s just going to take awhile. I think the time of the first disappointment is the time to really start putting a lot of effort into this, since Laetitia and the dead Osiris are on the same card. Hope this helps.


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  1. Hello there just came upon your blog via Bing after I entered in, “GJ Sample Reading”
    or something similar (can’t quite remember exactly). Anyhow, I’m pleased I found it simply
    because your subject material is exactly what I’m looking for (writing a university paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I
    gather some material from here and I will of course credit you as the reference.
    Many thanks.

    • It’s not a problem at all, and very ethical of you to ask! You’ve got full permission to quote anything here with attribution. 🙂

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