Grand Jeu Shortcuts

Okay, we’ve seen that this deck can be like casting a horoscope, and if you’re doing an in-depth reading, you’ll want pen, paper and reference materials. Very good for important matters! But do you really want to do all that when you just want to know something minor, like whether the repair man is going to show up today, or something along those lines? Do you really need the geomancy, flower language, and everything else? Sometimes we not only don’t have time to do all that, it would be crazy to do all that! Oftentimes we just want a quick answer.

In these cases, you would just read the illustrations, and not worry about the other things on the card. The illustrations carry the basic message. Once you’ve made yourself familiar with them, you don’t even have to remember the names of the all characters on the cards. Just familiarise yourself with what’s going on in the pictures. You can lay them out – POP! POP! POP! – and get your answer, just like with the simple decks.

The categories I talked about in my last post are also very good for getting information at a glance. Categories can be confusing, though, not only if you’re just learning, but also if you haven’t used the deck for awhile and your mind has become something less than a well-oiled machine where this deck is concerned.

Here is Capricorn, for instance:


But the 2 of Diamonds also shows a goat, and its category is The Unexpected:


Some of the Unexpected cards look like they could be Trojan War cards, and vice versa. There’s a potential for confusion here. So I’m going to give you a shortcut: mark your cards! Normally I wouldn’t recommend that, but it’s very practical in this case, and aesthetically it actually adds to the mystique of the deck, IMHO. It doesn’t make you any less of a reader – Mlle. Lenormand herself is said to have marked her cards with strange ciphers. Just a little mark in a spot where it won’t look ugly. Keep it tiny and neat, and do it on the bottom so that you can see it when you do those spreads with just the small illustrations showing.You can use a tiny dab of paint or colored nail polish if you’re into color coding – gold for the Golden Fleece, red for the Trojan War, etc., or you can just use letters. I used Z for Zodiac, B for Business, T for Trojan War, M for Marriage, and left the cards from the Unexpected category blank, since there’s so many of them. You can see a few here:


Happy reading! 😀


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