Grand Jeu Constellations

The constellations on this deck can be very confusing and there is a dearth of good information – many writers ignore them completely! Different sources will assign different constellations to the cards. Some of them might assign several to the same card! I can’t guarantee the accuracy of these, but they do look straightforward and user-friendly. They are from Le Livre du Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand by Jean Didier:

A of Clubs: Ophiucus
2 of Clubs: Altair
3 of Clubs: Les Hydrades
4 of Clubs: Cerbere
5 of Clubs:La Harpe et Georges
6 of Clubs: Arcturus
7 of Clubs: Orion
8 of Clubs: La Grande Ourse
9 of Clubs: Hercule
10 of Clubs: La Licorne
J of Clubs: Le Cheval
Q of Clubs: Les Pleiades
K of Clubs: La Gloire de Frederic*

A of Diamonds: Le Telescope
2 of Diamonds: Le Poissons
3 of Diamonds: Pollux
4 of Diamonds: Le Cygne
5 of Diamonds: Le Cameleon
6 of Diamonds: La Meduse (or possibly Medusa?)
7 of Diamonds: Le Vautour
8 of Diamonds: L’Abeille**
9 of Diamonds: Le Dauphin
10 of Diamonds: Le Petit Lion
J of Diamonds: Le Mat du Navire
Q of Diamonds: Le Dragon
K of Diamonds: Le Poisson Volant

A of Spades: Le Clocher
2 of Spades: Castor
3 of Spades: Le Petit Chien
4 of Spades: Le Poisson Austral
5 of Spades: La Dorade
6 of Spades: Le Serpent
7 of Spades: La Baleine
8 of Spades: Algol
9 of Spades: Alpha du Belier
10 of Spades: Le Renard
J of Spades: Persee
Q of Spades: La Croix du Sud
K of Spades: Ardens ou la Porte des Hommes

A of Hearts: La Voie Lactee
2 of Hearts: Le Bouvier
3 of Hearts: Pegase
4 of Hearts: Le Cygne
5 of Hearts: Le Lion
6 of Hearts: Le Belier
7 of Hearts: Le Sextant
8 of Hearts: Aldebaran
9 of Hearts: Regulus
10 of Hearts: La Coupe
J of Hearts: La Couronne Boreale
Q of Hearts: La Chevelure de Berenice
K of Hearts: Le Triangle

*Frederick’s Glory is an obsolete constellation by Lacerta.

** L’Abeille translates to “Bee”, but the constellation is now called Musca, the Southern Fly. They are one and the same.

And merci beaucoup to Chanah for helping with all this! 😀
And for this additional information:
Richard Hinckley Allen: Star Names — Their Lore and Meaning


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  2. Oliviya, I don’t need “lessons” from a novice like you who thinks the Grand Jeu is a “Tarot”, and I certainly can’t recommend BS like that to anyone else.

    The only possible reason I would have to want to even look at your material is to see if you have plagiarized myself, Lord Ewin, Malkiel or any of the others who offer teaching materials free of charge on our blogs and/or youtube. Just the fact that the blog section of your site is nothing but someone else’s videos and a link to Alida tells me you’re a fraud.

    Well, that and all the yammering you do about “mystical powers” and “taking back your life”.

    I’m just not stupid enough to spend the money. Be assured that, in time, it will get back to all of us if you’ve stolen our content.

    It’s my sincere hope that in the future, you won’t attempt to spam my blog with links to your bogus “teaching” site, but rest assured that if it happens, I have no problem escalating this.

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